Why did the terrorist drones turn out to be invulnerable to the Russian Krasuha electronic warfare system in Syria?

Cheap electronics in terrorist drones defeated the best Russian electronic warfare systems?

Despite the fact that all over the world Russian electronic warfare equipment is rightfully considered the best, experts have a lot of questions about why the cheap electronics used in terrorist drones to attack the Khmeimim airbase can withstand powerful electromagnetic radiation.

According to experts, the electronic components used in drones made artificially by terrorists have no protection against electronic warfare at all, however, for unknown reasons, the militants successfully use these drones, which can only be intercepted directly at the approach to the Khmeimim airbase exclusively with fire weapons.

It should be clarified that militant drones pose certain risks for the Russian military base “Khmeimim”, in particular, the ammunition carried by them can easily destroy military aircraft located at the air base

Moreover, the fact that under the strongest influence of electronic warfare equipment, militants continue to use GPS means to conduct their attacks is still unknown, because according to Russian and Western sources, the operation of the global positioning system is seriously disrupted by Russian electronic warfare systems.

Rogozin safely dropped all GLONASS satellites at startup)))

All that Bene needs is invulnerable.

"... turned out to be invulnerable to the Russian electronic warfare system ...". Once again - "" ... invulnerable to Russian ... "What language is it written in? In Russian, it will be" invulnerable FOR. "
And these wooden drones are invulnerable thanks to the comprehensive, energetic and "disinterested" help of the Palestinian Cossacks led by Veny Netanyahu.

On the screen is not "Kraukha", but "Moscow". Learn the mat part.

Most likely the capabilities of EW on Khmeimim have already been studied in detail, and if drone control channels are used, then they operate at frequencies outside the RF EW range. Also, drones can be launched in a primitive state according to the principle: launched, gained altitude, set to the desired course taking into account the wind, and forward, to the glory of the British lion. In terms of fuel production, if they do not get knocked down by this time, it will fall in a given area, maybe at the airport. In any case, you need to understand in detail on the spot. Ideally, the fight against drones is the liberation of occupied territories in Idlib.

You would have kept your STUPIDness to yourself, if there is where. Semiconductors radiation are not compatible. UAVs are somewhat different from the projectile.

And where is the electronic warfare? A drone can be pre-arranged with a follow-up program and you can irradiate it even with a gamma stream, it will simply fly by and by. Only shoot down. EW is only effective against guided online drones

The Russians are doing quite different things with electronics. For example, glonass junk! The second month in a row. In orbit 22 live spacecraft, with a minimum of 24 (see - official site). Formally, there is a reserve for maintenance, but in such a state it would be time to introduce a reserve. This is not done; instead, the system was allowed to fall apart.

And there are quite specific reasons for this state of affairs. You can guess which by looking at the relevant vacancies, for example.