The latest data on coronavirus in Russia - the minimum incidence and almost maximum mortality

The number of new cases of coronavirus has decreased in Russia, but mortality remains a record high.

According to information provided by the operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus, over the past day coronavirus infection was detected in 8338 citizens. This indicator is one of the lowest in recent years, and the fact that 11079 people have been cured of coronavirus per day is also important, which indicates a reduction in active cases of coronavirus in Russia.

“Over the last day in Russia, 8338 new cases of coronavirus were detected in 85 regions. Of these, 40,8% did not have clinical manifestations of the disease. There were 161 deaths. In a day in Russia 11 079 people fully recovered. In total, 370 680 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions have been detected in Russia today. Over the entire period, 3968 deaths were recorded, 142 208 people recovered ”, - said the operational headquarters of Moscow.

Nevertheless, experts are sounding the alarm because of the large number of deaths among citizens of the country, in particular, 161 deaths were recorded only in the last 5 hours, which is a very high indicator - a few days earlier Russia took XNUMXth place in the world in terms of growth in mortality rates second only to countries such as Brazil, the USA, Spain and Mexico.

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