Iskander rocket strike


Russia has dealt multiple strikes against Syrian terrorists with several Iskander missiles

From the Khmeimim airbase, a large-scale attack by Iskander missiles was inflicted on terrorists in northern Syria.

Several hours ago, the Russian military used Iskander tactical missile systems against Turkish militants. It is known that the strikes were joint in nature - several Tochka tactical missiles were launched by the Syrian army, after which the attack by several Iskander missiles was carried out from the Khmeimim airbase.

On the presented video frames you can see the first moments after the launch of a missile strike on the positions of the militants and the Turkish army in the area of ​​N of the item. Tarhin. It is known that at least 90 jihadists were seriously injured as a result of the strikes, and over 30 more were killed.



By the current hour, there are no official comments on this matter either from Damascus or from Moscow, however, the area of ​​N of the item. This is not the first time that Tarkhin has been subjected to missile and drone strikes, in particular, since the beginning of this year, this is already the fourth strike on this region of Syria.

The editors of the information and news resource managed to find out that as a result of a joint Russian-Syrian missile strike, at least 20 oil tankers, which were being transported to Turkey, were destroyed, while the oil to the border.