Russia deployed special forces and military police to northwestern Syria

The base of Russian special forces and military police is located in the port of Latakia.

Against the backdrop of the threat of new Israeli strikes and terrorist attacks on the largest port cities in Syria, it became known that the Russian military deployed special forces and military police units at the container site of the port of Latakia. This, according to Debka, is about an entire military base, which is likely to control the situation in the region.

“On Wednesday, January 26, the Russian army in Syria deployed Russian military police forces to the port of Latakia in northern Syria. The base of these forces is located in the container zone of the port, from where the forces will make rounds throughout the port. The military police forces of Russia are classified as special forces. With the deployment of Russian special forces in the port of Latakia and the start of joint Russian-Syrian patrol operations along the border with the Golan Heights and in southern Syria, the Russians have completed the establishment of a line of defense against Israeli airstrikes, stretching from the Khmeimim air harbor to the south of the Golan Heights., - reports the Israeli news outlet Debka.

A little earlier, the Russian military reported that Latakia and Tartus would be patrolled by the Russian military to prevent sabotage and terrorist attacks, and it is likely that the deployment of Russian forces in the port of Latakia is just the first step to ensure security. However, Israel believes that Russia deliberately deployed its troops in Latakia in order to block Israeli strikes in the region.

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