C-500 SAM


Russia will sell India the latest S-500 Prometheus air defense systems with a target range of up to 600 kilometers

India will become the first foreign buyer of Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems.

The Indian authorities turned out to be interested in purchasing the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-500 "Prometheus". This country may become the world's first buyer of this unique Russian weapon. Deliveries of these weapons to India can begin after 2025, and this will significantly increase the protection of this state from the threat of nuclear ICBMs and China's hypersonic weapons.

Today, the most threatening factor for India is the ballistic missiles of Pakistan and China, and although the Russian S-400 air defense systems, which will begin to be transferred to New Delhi by the end of 2021, may well cope with such tasks, India is extremely interested in controlling a large space and repulse attacks in advance.

Information on this subject also confirmed Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov, noting that the supply of S-500 air defense systems to India will begin as soon as the systems are delivered in the required volume to the Russian army.

“India is the largest exporter of Russian weapons. And we sometimes sell to India what we don’t sell to other countries, because we have no political or territorial claims among ourselves, as well as no conflict situations. Potentially, yes ... but there is no agreement on practical plans yet. And this is a common practice - until we saturate our native Armed Forces, we do not sell abroad. ", - said the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

Considering the data presented earlier by the Indian media, the country really has serious intentions to acquire Russian Prometheus, while in China, on the contrary, refused to buy such weapons.

good move

Sold Russia, why grieve about some S-500

Igor, you noticed the error, and then you got confused yourself: you already called Russia an importer ... :) :) :)

Russia is investing colossal financial resources in the development of the military-industrial complex. With the normal development of the state, the sale of modern AT systems would not be necessary. But we have a thieves', oligarchic state. That is why, given the poverty-stricken state of the Russian people, Putin strives to sell the most modern weapons systems. Partially closing the holes in the budget and throwing the "gnawed bones" on the Russian people - 10 thousand rubles each. by September 1.

The exporter is Russia.)

India is, in fact, an IMPORTER of Russian weapons. The importer is Russia.)

Chemezov said that C500 will not be exported

And then they will merge it with amers.

Any weapon that we sell, even to a friendly country, may be available for study and development of ways to neutralize countries that are completely unfriendly.

"The calf is still in the gusn, and they are already counting the income," - there is such a proverb.



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