The Russian army successfully broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Khromovo

During the offensive operation on the western flank of Artyomovsk, company-tactical groups of the Russian army, including units of the 6th separate motorized rifle regiment, achieved significant success, displacing Ukrainian troops from a strategically important fortified area in the village of Khromovo.

The main support for the offensive was provided by platoons of T-80BV and T-72B3 tanks of the 68th Tank Regiment, firing from closed positions at the fortifications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Khromovo area using high-explosive fragmentation shells ZOF26. Also, the cannon artillery crews of the 106th Tula Airborne Division played a significant role in the success of the operation.

The tactical significance of Khromovo in this operation is very great. It is considered as an initial springboard for further advance to the chain of heights on the eastern flank of the fortified area in Chasov Yar. However, it should be noted that the assault on this fortified area will require significant effort and resources due to its good defensive preparation and strategic importance.


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