Russian nuclear submarines are already on duty off the US coast

Russian nuclear submarines are already on duty off the US coast.

Against the backdrop of the US's clearly aggressive attitude towards Russia, information has appeared that at least two Russian nuclear submarines carrying nuclear weapons may be located off the coast of the United States. According to some reports, one of the Russian submarines is located near the east coast of the United States, while the second is off the west coast of the United States, and, presumably, another Russian submarine may be in Arctic waters.

The situation in relations between the US and Russia is extremely tense. At the same time, despite Russia's attempts to solve the problem through diplomacy, the United States not only evades this by moving to more and more aggressive measures, but also threatens Russia by transferring its troops to Eastern Europe and to Russian borders. It is probably for this reason that Russian nuclear submarines are on duty off the coast of the United States, preparing to immediately respond to any provocations from Washington.

“Russian submarines are estimated to be located off the western and eastern coasts of the United States. Given their stealth, the Pentagon may not even know their whereabouts. It's more than likely that another Russian submarine could be in the Arctic, deep under the ice.", - report the journalists of the publication "Sina Military".

It is impossible to confirm or deny these data today, since Russian nuclear submarines carrying nuclear weapons are indeed on duty both in the Pacific and in the Atlantic Ocean, probably located no further than a thousand kilometers from the US coast.

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For Nodar, Kursk was not scrap metal and did not go to the bottom itself. And because your stupid comments betray you as a propagandist ...

Every Russian submarine is registered in the USA!

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Which shores? only in the Vladivostok region

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With the advantages of our nuclear submarines and cruisers, their equipment with modern weapons and performance characteristics (autonomy of navigation and diving depth, and something else), the Americans will no longer be able to calmly sleep.

I'm skeptical about defense. But for a message of twenty years, the fleet received about 15 units of submarines. Are you sober yourself?

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I don’t think that submarines like Kursk are on duty there, now the fourth generation Borey type is in service.
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The article is based on assumptions. This information is secret .. Where and how many nuclear submarines are on missions, a very limited circle of people knows .. It goes without saying that they should be at a comfortable firing distance and whatever they find ... Such is the tactics of quiet hunters.