Fighter F-35


Russian electronic warfare "Kraukha-4" kill Israeli F-35

Russian systems of electronic warfare "Kraukha" kill Israeli electronics F-35.

Despite the statements of Western analysts that the Russian electronic warfare systems located at the Khmeimim airbase, and the sources are talking about the Krasuha-4 electronic warfare systems, cannot suppress the systems of combat aircraft, it became known that that Israel had serious problems with F-35 fighters, which, as it turned out, were “killed” by Russian electronic suppression and combat means.

"The American publication The National Interest claims that Russian electronic warfare experts are currently testing in Syria near the Israeli border to test electronic warfare systems on new American-made F-35 fighters.", - reports "Federal Agency News».

What specific impact is being discussed is unknown, however, previously the resource already reported on the operation of the unknown electronic warfare system in the Golan Heights (the territory of Syria occupied by Israel - approx. Ed.), Whose range was about 100-150 kilometers.

It should be clarified that earlier the IDF stated that Russian electronic warfare systems interfere with GPS operation over Israeli territory.

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