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Russian C-300 outperforms American Patriot 38 times

The striking effect of C-300 missiles in 38 times greater than that of the American "Patriot".

American "Patriot" have a guaranteed efficiency of hitting a target 38 times lower than that of Russian C-300. This is due to the relatively small number of damaging elements in anti-aircraft guided missiles of the American Patriot missile defense systems, in comparison with the SAM used in the S-300 air defense system.

According to objective data, the number of destruction elements in the warhead of anti-aircraft guided missiles for the S-300 Favorit air defense system is over 18 thousand, while in Patriot anti-aircraft guided missiles, their number varies from a hundred and a half (in missiles to destroy ballistic missiles - approx.ed.) up to 4-5 thousand

"In the case of the defeat of aerodynamic targets, the effectiveness of American air defense / missile defense systems remains satisfactory, however, the likelihood that the warhead of a ballistic missile will be destroyed by some hundred of the striking elements is extremely small.", - the expert marks.

Among other things, earlier it became known that during one of the largest attacks of the Hussites, the Patriot air defense / missile defense system was not found at all by drones and cruise missiles