Interception aircraft


Russian Su-27s failed to drive American bombers away from Crimea

American B-52s staged an escalation against Russian fighters.

An attempt by the Russian military to prevent the American strategic bombers B-52 from practicing nuclear strikes on the territory of Crimea and the mainland of Russia did not lead to the desired result - the escort and attempt to drive off the US Air Force aircraft did not have the proper impact on the potential enemy, and the aircraft of the latter continued flying along the Russian borders.

According to the "Operation Line" Telegram-community, four American strategic bombers operated at the Russian borders at once, two of which were taken over by Russian fighters, and the other two joined to practice the strikes after some time.

“Having taught the day before yesterday a vivid example of its capabilities in the Arctic, today the aviation group of the Stratofortress B-52N in the number of FOUR boards, two of which have already taken off from England, and two more are flying out in the next half hour, will work out tasks at the training grounds of the western part of Ukraine and parts of the Black Sea according to the plan of the Ukraine-NATO exercises "United Efforts 2020" ", - the Telegram community “Operational line” reports about it.

Later it became known that Su-27 fighters were raised to intercept American aircraft, however. due to the fact that the flight of strategic aircraft continued, it is obvious that the Russian Aerospace Forces failed to disrupt the American exercises

And what did this lead to in the end, remember?

I will answer as if I flew an interceptor.
Fire to kill the violator of the State Border shall be opened by order. The minimum position who has the right to give it to the pilot is the Chief of Staff of the regiment and the higher-standing commander.
The author did not violate the 12,5 mile zone of the Russian Federation, what kind of runaway or fire can we talk about ??? !!! There is just an escort and that's it!

Funny bot comments about what needs to be shot down or something. They flew on the territory of Ukraine. I'll clarify for those who didn't get it - they flew along the border with Crimea.

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Everything is simple in the club of clowns. Do not succumb to provocations as it once did in 41 years. It is obvious that we do not learn history, although we say that we remember and grieve.

They sent junk to intercept, they wiped themselves with us ... But why can't our geniuses arrange an electromagnetic anomaly in the Black Sea?) Probably EW quit)

And that is why all NATO pilots are everywhere scurrying at our approach, right? ))))

How can a bomber "take over" a pair of fighters with missiles with a range of several kilometers? They wouldn't even have seen them. Nonsense)))

yeah, you don’t know which proverb would be more appropriate, roofing felts: "The dog barks and the caravan goes", roofing felts: "And Vaska listens, but eats." In general, it was most likely an instruction not to disturb the owners.

Remove the VKS commander from his post?

B-52 with the call sign "Hero 31" flew over the Black Sea near the coast of Ukraine and Romania. For some time he was accompanied by the Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-27.

The bomber simulated a strike on Odessa, and then moved towards Romania. And at the same time, powerful reconnaissance aircraft tracked the reaction of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea region

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And what, the authorities do not allow to shoot? Want to repeat 41st year?

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