Russian tanks defeated the tank forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a hot battle

The battle of Russian tankers against the tank forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was caught on video.

During a special military operation, Russian tankers entered into a heated battle with the Ukrainian military. As a result of a hot tank duel, Russian units successfully defeated the enemy forces, and the battle itself was filmed from a drone, which, in all likelihood, corrected the actions of Russian tankers.

On the presented video frames, you can see the actual duel between Russian and Ukrainian tankmen. As a result of the successful actions of Russian tankers, the tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was successfully destroyed, which allowed the Russian military to successfully resist the Ukrainian army in one of the directions.

During the battle, the count went literally for seconds, which, in all likelihood, was due to the fact that both tank crews were loading, and the Russian tankers coped with this task much more successfully than the enemy, having managed to quickly get the projectile and be the first to fire.

For obvious reasons, the Ukrainian tank could not resist a direct hit from a distance of about a hundred meters. As a result of an accurate hit, the tank received a through penetration, which led to the detonation of the ammunition.


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