Russian warships scared NATO with their unexpected appearance from the rear

Russian warships scared NATO with their unexpected appearance.

A few hours ago, a group of six Russian warships, despite the fact that the latter are not combat, frightened NATO so much that combat aircraft and ships were immediately sent to escort them. The reason for such an acute situation for NATO was that up to 2 marines and several dozen tanks could well be on board, which, after the threat created by NATO, could now easily become an emergency.

It is known that the appearance near the NATO borders of a group of six Russian large landing ships was a rather big surprise. Although they were discovered in the waters of the Baltic Sea by the Swedish Air Force, it became known that the BDK could use electronic jamming systems, creating additional interference with reconnaissance aircraft and patrol ships of the British, French and other navies.

“A group of Russian landing ships, three of which left the Baltic Sea region yesterday, and three more the day before, began to enter the English Channel. Some expect the journey will eventually take them to the Black Sea to take part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Dutch website Marineschepen reported today that the survey vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy Zr.Ms. Luymes and his NH90 helicopter escorted three Russian vessels through international waters in the North Sea as they headed for the English Channel. "Supervision was then taken over by Belgian and British naval ships," the website added. At the same time, the Royal Navy apparently sent the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon to track the Russian ships. It is also believed that at least one French Navy warship was sent to monitor the advance of Russian ships. Warships of the Northern Fleet have already caused alarm during their stay in the Baltic Sea, which began on 12 January. The Swedish authorities regarded their movement as "extremely irregular", which led to the transfer of hundreds of soldiers and armored vehicles to the island of Gotland., - the edition "The Drive" informs.

Nevertheless, experts point out that this is only a reaction to large landing ships, however, if necessary, Russia can easily bring dozens of its warships and submarines into the waters, thereby showing NATO that Russia is ready to independently ensure its security, moreover, starting right from the borders of Western countries.