Russian nuclear submarine "Status-6" can be launched without a submarine from the Arctic

Russia will create a backup version of the launch of a nuclear torpedo of the apocalypse.

Despite the fact that the Russian underwater unmanned vehicle Status-6, also known as Poseidon, was originally intended to be used with a carrier submarine, it turned out that the Russian military developed a backup launch option for the Russian nuclear drone, which did not provide for submarines.

“A storage and maintenance base, warehouses and workshops are being built for the Poseidons, where they will be trained for combat duty and launches. According to the terms of reference for the work (available at Izvestia's disposal), they should be completed and handed over to the Ministry of Defense in June 2022. By this time, it is planned to complete the improvement of the territory "- сообщает Izvestia publication.

Apparently, Russia is considering the option of using the base as a launch site for nuclear submarine drones, using this as a backup option for a quick retaliatory strike.

“It is quite obvious that Russian carrier submarines will not be able to constantly be in the World Ocean with a nuclear torpedo, the explosion power of which is several megatons. The loading of this torpedo of the apocalypse and the exit of the submarine to the sea will take some time, and therefore, the most optimal option would be to launch a torpedo directly from the base. ", - the analyst emphasizes

According to preliminary estimates, the construction of the Status-6 nuclear submarine base is underway in the Arctic, since it is from this direction that it is most convenient to strike both the western and eastern parts of the United States, while the number of satellites flying over The Arctic is minimized, which makes it possible to classify this military base.


And also from surface ships-carriers, disguised as fishing or transport vessels, plying in their territorial waters.