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By shooting down Israeli missiles, Russia showed Israel that fighters will be next

Russia showed Israel its displeasure after their attacks on Syria.

After the Israeli side continued to ignore the agreements with Russia on Syria, the Russian side began to support the Syrian forces, almost completely repelling Israeli attacks on the Arab republic. According to a number of analysts, this was a warning to the Israeli side that after the destruction of the missiles, Israeli planes will also begin to go astray, which is directly hinted at by the Israeli and Arab media.

London-based Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, citing an unnamed "well-informed" Russian source, reported that after talks with Washington, Moscow had the impression that "Washington does not welcome the ongoing Israeli raids" and therefore believes it should act more aggressively to thwart Israel. In light of this, the Russian military is now supplying the Syrian forces with more advanced air defenses and new developments, which makes them more capable of shooting down Israeli weapons. The effect of this was allegedly already evident - Syrian air defenses shot down seven of the eight Israeli missiles during an Israeli raid on July 19.

Experts note that Russia will not directly enter into conflict with the Israeli side if there are no threats to the Russian military. Taking into account the integration of Syrian air defense systems with Russian air defense systems, Russia can freely provide the CAA with information that allows not only repelling Israeli strikes, but also shooting down Israeli planes.

It’s a pity for the Jews from Russia, and the Bear will not even notice if it comes. No need to run up.

And all the missiles were shot down, and all the Iranian-Syrian facilities were destroyed, plus the Iranian general. All parties (except the Syrians) are happy.

So they can shoot down our transport planes with impunity ???

And you probably were there at that time ??? And he counted the missiles, whether they were shot down or not ... Just about you, your phrase, telling a lie is not tossing bags.

Cross, in the American zone of occupation

If a rifle is being shot at you from a neighboring garden, does that also not count?

Israeli planes do not cross the Syrian border, so an attempt to shoot down planes will turn into major troubles not only for Assad, but also for our military.

yeah. burned

lie do not roll bags, out of seven missiles did not shoot down more than one))

Everyone imagines himself a strategist, looking at the battle from the side. Gentlemen thirsting for Jewish blood. We must thank the sensible generals of our army and the President for not getting involved in yet another devastating, ruinous war for Russia. If it happens, I'll look at your view when the summons arrives. Probably sell everything from yourself in order to get rid of the white ticket again. Our military knows what to do and when. Press down, citizens of the sofa calmly, you are protected.

Russia has been spat in the face for a long time. And what to be proud of? The fact that for the first time since 2015 they found the courage not only to shoot down an Israeli missile, but also to say about it ?! That’s why the Jews were scared!

it's high time, why wait?

The article claims that Russia is acting in Syria on orders from Washington ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

An excellent opportunity to improve our equipment and staff ... must be used!