Simonyan: Germany wanted to transfer 100 Taurus missiles to Ukraine

In light of current geopolitical events, public attention is focused on issues of military support for Ukraine. Recently, information has leaked into the information space that could significantly affect the balance of power in the region. According to a message published on the Telegram channel of the famous journalist and editor-in-chief of the Rossiya Segodnya media group Margarita Simonyan, the Bundeswehr is considering the possibility of transferring up to 100 Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

Data on the proposed delivery were obtained from a conversation between the head of the operations and exercises department of the Bundeswehr Air Force Command, Graefe, and the BBC Bundeswehr Inspector Gerhartz. During the conversation, Graefe mentioned that if a decision is made to transfer the missiles, they could be transferred directly from the Bundeswehr arsenals. However, he also noted that the missiles will be ready for combat use no earlier than in eight months.

Gerhartz, in turn, emphasized that we are talking about the possibility of delivering hundreds of Taurus missiles, suggesting the transfer of 50 missiles in two stages. This statement caused significant resonance, given the possible implications for regional security and strategic balance.

However, despite the information disseminated by Simonyan, the Kremlin noted that they were not familiar with this information.

“No, we don't know about this content. We don't know if this recording is available. When it becomes available, we’ll listen and then we’ll find out.”- said Dmitry Peskov.


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