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The United States accused Russia of taking over control of the F-35 fighter

The United States accused Russia of taking over control of F-35 fighters.

One of the newest and most efficient American fighters, the F-35, was found to have a very serious vulnerability, which allows interception of control over this combat aircraft. The United States has already made appropriate accusations against Russia, believing that Russian and Chinese military experts are aware of the presence of such a vulnerability and have already taken advantage of the availability of access to the systems of a combat aircraft.

According to the head of the cybersecurity department of the US National Security Agency Rob Joyce, all the systems of the fifth generation fighter are completely computerized, and today Russia and China, and in addition, probably also Iran and the DPRK, can easily land an American plane anywhere in the world without a single shot.

“Russia and China and, to a lesser extent, North Korea and Iran have trained cyber personnel whose only task in wartime (or even in peacetime) would be to infiltrate American computer and network systems. Even relatively small, unprotected weapons can allow hackers to gain access to a larger system. The National Security Agency (NSA) is concerned that hackers may gain access to computers inside US weapons systems. Almost all US weapons are equipped with computers and many of them are connected to secret networks for the exchange of data. The concern is that a high-tech adversary might hack a weapon or, even worse, disable it. ", - reports the publication "Popular Mechanics".

Noteworthy is the fact that Russia has a complex of executive electronic intelligence, which has already been successfully tested in intercepting control over American tactical and strategic unmanned aerial vehicles. This indicates the fact that a similar strategy can be used against F-35 fighters.

An ordinary fake. Let them first land the F-35 on our territory against the will of the pilot, and then write about the achievements.

I always said that the F-35 is a pipe with wings with a Tetris on board.


Cossack! Why are you sending them to the constellation Centaur? So far, only there the Russians will not be able to get them with their electronic warfare

Yuri Nikulin's anecdote about two nuclear missiles immediately comes to mind.

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Flying smartphone ...
I fell behind the times and for the first time heard this, now "TERM" for the description of American weapons !!!

What to do? Fly beyond the reach of Russian electronic warfare systems!

Why did they make a flying smartphone? What they did is what they got. Now just press the button and the F35 will flop to the ground.

Than the fifth generation of the fifth generation f-35 was fermented a piece of scrap metal