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Posted by Earl C. Leatherberry


US plans to deploy cruise missiles in Indo-Pacific region

The United States intends to deploy land-based medium-range missiles in the Indo-Pacific region. This was announced by the representative of the US Army Pacific Command, Rob Phillips, in an interview with Nikkei Asia, as reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Phillips, the deployment of the missiles is planned for 2024. The main goal of this step is to contain China's growing influence in the region. This would be the US Army's first arsenal in the Indo-Pacific since the end of the Cold War.

Phillips also clarified that the possibility of deploying a ground-based version of the Standard-6 (SM-6) missile and the Tomahawk cruise missile is being considered. Details regarding the possible location of the missile systems have not yet been disclosed.

The announcement signals an increased US strategic focus on the Indo-Pacific region and a commitment to counter Chinese influence, which could lead to new geopolitical dynamics and tensions in the region.


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