Russian rocket


US: Russian missile with a nuclear engine is a failure

Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted this year with a sensational development - a new missile with a nuclear engine that has unlimited range. However, informed sources familiar with the data of the US intelligence report argue that this missile did not pass a single successful flight test.

In the period from November 2017 to February 2018, tests of the Russian cruise missile were conducted four times, and each time the launch ended in a fall, sources told CNBC, who did not want to publish their names.

The US intelligence reports indicate that the longest flight lasted a little more than two minutes, for which the missile overcame 35 kilometers, after which it lost control and it fell. The shortest test took 4 seconds, and 8 kilometers of distance traveled, respectively.

Sources do not have the information, whether the rocket nuclear reactor creates risks for human health and biosystems.

This weapon, developed from the 2000-s, takes off on a gasoline engine, after which, on the main part of the trajectory, switches to a nuclear engine - explain the sources.

According to the test results, it can be said that the nuclear heart of a cruise missile did not hammer. It is imperfect, and can not accomplish the flight of unlimited range, about which Putin was repeating.

According to sources, the leadership of the Kremlin ordered tests to be carried out at any cost, without taking into account the objections of engineers working under this program, who were categorically against their beginning. They were worried about what was happening, since the system is still at the initial stage of development.

During the March appeal to the nation, Putin said that this cruise missile could deliver a nuclear charge to any part of the world by overcoming enemy air defense systems. Together with her, in his speech he then touted hypersonic weapons and called him "invincible."

A week ago, CNBC received information that this hypersonic plane, against which the US does not currently have protection, will be ready for use closer to the 2020 year.

Sources reported that Russia in 2016 had successfully tested this type of weapon twice, which could be equipped with a nuclear warhead. The third test of the hypersonic apparatus failed because it fell a few minutes before the aiming strike. The fourth trial is scheduled for this summer.

Based on materials from CNBC - USA

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Four cycles in front and two bars in the back. Therefore, it does not go off course and saves the specified flight program.

Now nitrogen with oxygen burns, ordinary air and burns well
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Calculations can be done by anyone. It is enough to calculate the engine power and the amount of fuel assemblies required for its transmission to air. Then estimate the weight of only the envelopes of fuel elements and get an absurd figure. The coefficients of heat transfer in the range from one thousand to one and a half thousand degrees with a temperature gradient of 500 degrees can be found. The air flow velocity can change this figure, but only at the expense of reducing the final gas temperature.
\ The variant of non-shell refractory alloys of radioactive isotopes is not to be considered - such a missile will fly its entire flight with exfoliating particles of fuel and infect its territory.

Just a couple of months ago I wrote that a rocket with a nuclear engine is not feasible. What can be done from the point of view of physics will be ineffective. And, the last option, effective from the point of view of the military missile will have a shelf life of six months and is extremely dangerous in storage and operation.

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For 4 seconds 8km, for 120seconds (2minutes) 35km.Pluho prepared the material malicious.

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infection throughout the entire flight route!
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In the first second she went somewhere 400 meters in total.
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At the end of a third of a second, it overcame about 2,5-3km.
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"But the rocket must fly over allies to get to the USSR :)"
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It's simply impossible to exploit and test such a rocket. And it clogs with radiation not only allies but also the hegemons themselves. That was the problem. But that's a story about a Pindos missile ... but nothing is known about the Russian one.

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Our developers, though they make small nuclear power plants, but still tupovatye. In the 60-s, Soviet scientists could not bring such an attitude to mind, and modern lack of education and "effective managers" decided to deceive Putin and promised to make such a rocket. Use a nuclear reactor for instantaneous heating up to 3000 degrees, more than 10 cubes of air per second. this is a very complex technological task. While not feasible. But there is another solution, simple and inexpensive and the main thing will be a positive result. Use a nuclear installation as an electric current source, for driving electric motors of screw turbines. Applying the patent and the technology of flow control it is possible to easily reduce the aerodynamic drag to zero and supersonic speeds, almost to 3M. And do not stupidly argue that the screws can not achieve supersonic speeds, you do not understand the nature of the flight.

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Interesting calculations. You are probably a theoretical physicist. In the morning what kind of sneakers do you wear? Both left? Americans still 30 years ago this principle was implemented. The problem was that it was a VERY DIRTY and RADIACTIVE exhaust of heated air. It was possible for the rocket to simply fly over the territory of the enemy without exploding, receiving radioactive contamination equivalent to the explosion of an atomic bomb. But the missile must fly above the allies to get to the USSR :)

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The shortest test took 4 seconds, and 8 kilometers of distance traveled, respectively. That is, the speed of the rocket was 7200 km / h on a gasoline engine. Be careful of the pindos! If we fly on gasoline, then what about nuclear engines to talk about.

"This weapon, developed from the 2000-ies, takes off on a gasoline engine, and then, on the march part of the trajectory, switches to a nuclear engine - explain sources." ROCKET is not a gasoline engine - it is an unrealized cruise! Surely there is any V16 BITURBO with a drive on all wheels! I did not meet yet another rzhach!

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Let and further calmed down themselves And further they think that this is the Chebarkul meteorite. Understand then he will fly. And at the expense of the engine - the phrase about gasoline is just a miracle - in the same vein - not exactly on the coal and stoker

Nuclear reactor - Peltier elements - battery - electric motor. Must work

In general, such engines have already worked in 70-ies on our satellites, t the same amers in the 90-x part of the documentation were taken out!

Putin's nuclear missile raises doubts from the very beginning. If the principle - instantaneous heating of the air reactor to expand it, then counting the amount of air per second necessary for a jet to move a rocket weighing a tonne, you need air of tens of tons. Preheat 10 tons of air to several thousand degrees ha very short time is a difficult, you can say unrealizable task. A more realistic scheme is to use the reactor to generate electricity and rotate electric turbines. In any case, the rocket is obtained at a low speed and it is easy to overtake and bring down. There are better technologies. But those who implement this nuclear stupidity do not want to introduce the best of other people's ideas. So these developers shame the country into the whole world.

Early start to rejoice. They will bring it to mind I do not doubt. With the Bulava, there were also problems. Russian developers have repeatedly proved their genius.

Those. with a similar statement, they stupidly surrendered their agent (not just to instill an agent in such secret units), and the FSB sit and poke at the nose ... Bullshit for idiots.

Brycevrete - it is not a gasoline engine, but a steam engine. DB.