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Airfare international flights shedule increase by 6%

Prices of flights of foreign airlines will grow by almost 6%.

The increase in the cost of tickets for flights of foreign air carriers is mainly associated with the depreciation of the Russian ruble, while if the ruble continues to fall in the future against major foreign currencies, the cost of air tickets may increase by another 7-8%.

Experts do not rule out that the increase in flights of foreign air carriers in prices will lead to a decrease in passenger traffic at the level 10-15%, however, some experts suggest that, in turn, this negative trend will allow domestic carriers to improve their performance passenger, as the prices of actual changes will not undergo.

That original price is expected to rise by only popular in routing, but within 1-2 months alignment will occur on all routes of foreign air carriers.

It is possible that, to maintain passenger traffic, foreign flights shedule can further reduce the cost of their fares, but no official comments on this matter has not yet been reported.