Aeroflot Airline


The court ordered the "Aeroflot" to pay 15 thousand rubles for lost luggage

For lost luggage, the airline "Aeroflot" to pay his client 15 thousand.

As the news agency, resident Nytvensky area requested by the airline "Aeroflot" compensation for lost luggage in the amount of 27,5 400 thousand and thousand rubles for moral damage. Earlier the airline "Aeroflot" voluntarily made a payment in the amount of 6,6 thousand, however, the woman was unsatisfied, as a consequence, and filed a lawsuit against the airline.

During its consideration of the case by the court, it was found that the loss of luggage actually was caused by carrier, however, in full satisfaction of the claim, the court refused, obliging, however, pay the "Aeroflot" the amount of 15 thousand.