Trump invites Americans to pray after Putin's decision

After Putin's decision to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, Trump invited the Americans to pray.

According to former US President Donald Trump, Russia's decision to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus is a direct signal to Washington and the West. Obviously, if Washington does not stop further escalation with Russia, then this may well result in a nuclear conflict, and even if it is localized, this will definitely become a very big problem.

Against this background, the former US President suggested that ordinary Americans only pray, because due to the actions of Washington, the situation is absolutely threatening.

"Go! As I predicted, we are now playing with "big things". We caused this situation - this is what happens when your government is run by incompetent people. All I can tell you right now is "pray"- declared Trump.

The day before, Russia noted that it was actually not about moving tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, but deploying them to protect the so-called Union State, which is a completely justified measure.


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