Turkish attack UAV Bayraktar TB2 destroyed the unique Russian complex "Avtobaza-M"

An attempt to seize control of the Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2 ended with the destruction of the Russian complex "Avtobaza-M".

According to Turkish media reports, an unknown unit attempted to seize control of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drone using the Russian 1L222M Avtobaza-M complex, however, after the discovery of interference with the drone systems, the complex was destroyed.

According to the Turkish side, the 1L222M "Avtobaza-M" complex was destroyed in Karabakh, although these complexes of electronic executive intelligence are not officially in service with the Armenian Armed Forces.

Among other things, the Turkish edition also reports that during the 44-day war in Karabakh, such electronic warfare systems as R-330P "Pyramid", "Repellent", "Borisoglebsk-2" and complexes of the "Groza" family were also destroyed.

It is noteworthy that the Avtobaza-M complexes were considered for use in the Donbass as countermeasures to Turkish attack drones, but if these means are vulnerable to Turkish drones, the use of the latter is completely unjustified.

Previously, the Iranian military, using the Russian 1L222M Avtobaza-M complexes, successfully intercepted control of American reconnaissance and strike UAVs.

"available" is written together! This is important when talking about complex matter.

NV Armenians know how to fight. One must be able to use electronic warfare. Iranians can do it. Ours in Donbass will also show a master class.

The complex of passive location "Avtobaza-M" is designed for detection, classification and subsequent trajectory tracking of air and sea targets by the radiation of radio electronic equipment installed on them (passive radar process)

The picture shows the "Repellent" complex

Nowhere do they lie, like in war ...

Dakha, you would not read Turkish advertising brochures - the disappointment will be limitless and will come quickly

Here is the real state of affairs in the field of armaments in the Russian Federation. Lagging on the face. Turkish UAVs are indeed the best in the world, which is constantly confirmed when used in real combat conditions.

Well, Murmansk-BN to a heap was also destroyed, because it is next to

It is completely unjustified ... There is another formula: equipment in the hands of the Indians is a heap of scrap metal.

and then it turned out that no one had shot down Iskander, so with this fake it will be

The picture shows some kind of communication system.

Airbase-M is not electronic warfare. Although ... we may not be on planet Earth

They also "destroyed" the fuel. They are still embarrassed to report.

The good news

Why have the Turks been silent for a whole year? Were they afraid that Russian tourists would annex Turkey to Crimea out of revenge? There is still time before the New Year ...

They write all sorts of nonsense, this complex is not at all intended to intercept control. The Avtobaza-M complex is intended for reconnaissance of pulsed and continuous signals of air and sea-based radars, signals of "friend or foe" and "TASAN" identification systems, determination of signal parameters and types of radar, trajectory tracking of air and sea objects by radiation of their radio electronic means , as well as to provide intelligence information to higher automated command posts and air defense command posts.

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And how many Armata were destroyed, it is impossible to count at all!

The Iranians reported that they intercepted, but how it is actually unknown.

Give the Turks more names, preferably more. Soon they will claim that they destroyed a couple of Bastions and shot down a dozen Checkmates

Something is being destroyed, someone is being destroyed.