The blow to the Tula region was inflicted by the Tu-141 "Swift" drone

The attack on the Tula region was carried out by a converted Tu-141 Swift drone.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was equipped with a FAB-100-120 air bomb, as a result of which a 15-meter funnel formed at the impact site. The drone was launched from the territory of the Kharkiv region this afternoon and freely traveled about 400 kilometers over the territory of Russia.

The video footage shows the consequences of an unmanned aerial vehicle attack on the village of Kireevsk, located 30 kilometers from Tula. At least three people have already been injured in a drone explosion this afternoon. At the same time, on the territory of the settlement there are serious destruction and damage to residential buildings.

So far, there are no official statements regarding the attack carried out this afternoon. However, apparently, Ukraine has a fairly large number of Tu-141 Strizh drones, which are equipped with various types of bombs and improvised explosive devices, since such attacks have already been recorded in other regions of Russia.

To date, this is the third known attack by Ukraine on the Tula region.


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