An infrastructure facility was damaged in the Lviv region

In the Lviv region of Ukraine, damage to an infrastructure facility occurred, as reported on the morning of December 5 by the head of the local administration, Maxim Kozitsky. According to him, the destruction at the site is characterized as “minor.” As a result of the incident, a fire broke out at the facility, which has already been extinguished.

That same night, an air raid alert was announced in the Lviv region. This incident occurred against the backdrop of Ukrainian media reports about explosions in the Vinnytsia region, which, according to preliminary data, were caused by attacks by Russian attack unmanned aerial vehicles.

It is also noted that arrivals were recorded in the city of Pokrovsk, located on the territory of the DPR.

Any details on this matter have not yet been announced, but the strikes were most likely carried out by Geranium drones.


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