Launching a cruise missile


In Russia they tested the nuclear-powered Burevestnik cruise missile

The Russian military tested the Burevestnik nuclear cruise missile.

SSX-C-9 Skyfall, a Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, better known as the Petrel, passed a series of tests at one of the test sites in northwestern Russia. This is evidenced by an article by Popular Mechanics, which reports that the iodine-131 isotopes detected in the air are of artificial origin, and taking into account the wind map, tests were most likely conducted in the Arkhangelsk region, where the test site is located.

“Officials in Finland, Norway and Sweden have discovered artificial radionuclides, that is, radionuclides that are not found in nature. Iodine-131 was detected at air monitoring stations in Svanhovd and Wikshofjell, Norway, as well as at a nuclear weapons monitoring facility in Svalbard. An analysis by the Dutch National Institute of Public Health indicates that the source of radiation is the western part of Russia. Authorities believe that the leak, first discovered in early June, comes from western Russia. One version is that the test is somehow related to the new nuclear-powered cruise missile. ”- сообщает "Popular Mechanics".

On the presented map of the detection of isotopes Iodine-131, it can be seen, taking into account the direction of the winds, that most of the radioactive fallout was detected over Russia, Finland, the Baltic States, Sweden and the Netherlands. However, the Russian side has not yet confirmed the tests and any connection with the release of radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

Russian rocket or Soviet, and European marking) where is the logic! imprison everyone is engaged in the promotion of the Latin alphabet in Russia!

The author is clearly not friends with geography ...
On the presented map, isotope detection to Holland is like walking to China! There, at least 400 kilometers from the border of Holland to the nearest cloud edge!