The threat of coronavirus


In Russia, a record for the number of patients with coronavirus was broken - 500 per day, mortality increased by 21%

In Russia, a record was again set for the number of patients with a new type of coronavirus.

Coronavirus infection has set another record in Russia - over the past day the number of cases has increased by 27%, reaching a total of 2337 people, which is the highest indicator since the spread of this infection.

“Over the last day in Russia, 500 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in 24 regions, eight fatal cases were recorded in four regions. For the first time, diagnoses were made in the Magadan and Astrakhan regions. In a day across Russia, 55 people fully recovered. In total, today in Russia 2 cases of coronavirus are registered in 337 regions. Over the entire period, 73 fatal cases were recorded, 17 people recovered ”- reports the operational headquarters.

Experts note that the situation with the spread of coronavirus is rapidly deteriorating, especially since the number of deaths is increasing, and quite stringent measures have been introduced to suppress the spread of infection, however, the effectiveness of the latter can be assessed no sooner than in 10-14 days.

“There is no need to talk about stabilization of the situation. In fact, the number of cases increased by almost a third, moreover, we are not talking about decreasing statistics, but only increasing statistics, which indicates the fact that the peak of the disease has not been passed, and given the fact that recovery among patients is still very slow, over the next 5-7 days the situation is obviously for the better Will not change", - the expert marks.

Given the data provided by the operational headquarters, mortality among those with coronavirus was increased by more than 21%