US Air Force Helicopter


US Air Force military helicopter crashes in Syria

An American military helicopter crashed in northeastern Syria.

The official representative of the so-called international coalition, Colonel Wayne Marotto, announced that an American military helicopter had crashed in the north-east of the Arab Republic the day before. It is reported that the causes of the crash of the aircraft are still unknown, however, as a result of the accident, no one was injured, although the rotorcraft itself was damaged.

“A coalition helicopter <...> participating in Operation Unwavering Determination made an emergency landing today at approximately 11:00 (19:00 Moscow time) in northeastern Syria. The helicopter was performing a routine flight. The incident is not related to hostile activities "- said the spokesman for the coalition, Colonel Wayne Marotto.

According to a number of sources, one of the reasons for the crash of the American helicopter was a malfunction with the on-board systems, and, moreover, it is very noteworthy that this is the third incident in this region of Syria, which raises a number of questions as to whether the accident is the cause of a technical malfunction.