Aircraft MS-21


VIP-version of the MS-21 liner is planned to be submitted to 2022 year

The VIP version of the MS-21 will be presented to 2022.

Despite the fact that recently the demand for the production of passenger airliners MS-21 is growing, the production of the VIP version of the aircraft of this model is planned not earlier than 2022. It will be very difficult to imagine what this aircraft will be like, however, experts say that thanks to thorough refinements and study of current trends, the aircraft will be able to compete with analogues from Airbus and Boeing.

Mass production of passenger airliners MC-21 is planned to be launched in 2019 year, while Russian aircraft builders have about 200 orders for the production of these aircraft, however, after the successful completion of the tests, the demand for aircraft may increase many-fold.