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WarGonzo: 2 fully equipped BTGRs are now advancing on Krasny Liman, including 2 companies of tanks and up to 1000 Teroboronists

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are attacking Krasny Lyman.

After unsuccessful attempts to cross the Seversky Donets with the aim of further attacking the Krasny Liman, it became known that Ukrainian troops threw significant forces into battle. At the moment, it is known that 2 fully equipped armored personnel carriers, including 2 companies of tanks, as well as up to 1000 Teroboronists, are advancing on Krasny Liman. Information on this subject is given by the military correspondents of the WarGonzo project.

According to radio intercepts, the actions of Ukrainian troops are directly led by instructors from NATO countries. This also does not exclude the possibility that foreign mercenaries may be among the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“NATO instructors are leading the battle near Liman. Judging by radio intercepts and data obtained from communication with prisoners, at least several officer groups consisting of NATO instructors are stationed directly near Slavyansk (the area of ​​​​Ivanovka and Nikolaevka). We are talking about the Poles and the British. The former supervise and fully manage the work of the combat crew of the M-777 self-propelled guns, while the British are responsible for the use of high-precision MLRS. Now 2 fully equipped armored personnel carriers are advancing on Krasny Liman, including 2 companies of tanks. And also up to 1000 Teroboronists"- сообщают journalists of the "WarGonzo" project.

It is not known how critical the current situation is, however, at the moment, Krasny Liman is not under the control of Ukrainian troops, but, nevertheless, experts fear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may deploy American Himars and MLRS MLRS to support their troops.


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