Japan threatens with war to take away from Russia all four islands of the southern part of the Kuril ridge

Japan threatens to take four islands of the Kuril ridge from Russia by force.

The Japanese media published a statement by Yukio Kashiyama, in which the latter called forcibly to take away from Russia all four islands of the Kuril chain - Iturup, Kunashir, Khabomai and Shikotan, believing that further negotiations with Russia on this subject are useless. In fact, Japan is calling for direct aggression against Russia, which could result in very serious trouble for Tokyo, especially since this is not the first provocative statement since the beginning of the year, in fact, calling for a war with Russia and the occupation of part of Russian territory to begin.

“If diplomatic negotiations are a normal way for both sides, solving the problem of the northern territories is a desperate step. Russia strongly opposed the inclusion of the declared "sovereignty of Japan" on these islands by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this year's diplomatic Blue Book. Although the Japanese side is trying not to touch the area of ​​these islands, it seems that the Japanese government still adheres to the policy of “returning two islands”, which was launched two years ago, but now that Russia’s dishonest attitude has been revealed, it is time to return to its original policy (forceful the solution to the issue of sovereignty - approx.ed.). It's time to do it. ”- сообщает Japanese edition of Wedge Infinity.

Specialists point out that calls for open aggression against Russia themselves can lead to unpredictable consequences for Japan, not to mention the fact that the official Kremlin can begin to have a tremendous impact on Tokyo because of such calls.

This is cool, well done Japanese! And the time is good: the Russian Federation got bogged down in Syria and Libya, from where hundreds of TWO-hundred are imported, only matryoshkas and valenki are imported for defense in the country, and “unknowing trash and cartoons will not help .....

Samurai, we are not against even pushing our borders to Tokyo.

Let them try to do something radical against Russia. and Japan will become part of the Russian Federation. The fools of the United States will never fight against a nuclear power, and even one like the Russian Federation. Yes, they will puff out their cheeks as usual, but to fight they are not so stupid and everyone understands what consequences await them if a military confrontation occurs.

And did the samurai’s threat grow back to threaten? Neither the normal army nor the navy. And they have been preparing to meet from there for 75 years.

Do they still have 1905 in their head? Then they should be reminded of 1939, 1945! Although it’s useless. They walk along the “beaten-up” road of the Turks. Next, “friends”!

All this will end with Fuji's missile re-planning followed by surrender, you will swim with yellow craters to the top in the Pacific, and your defending friends will pretend that nothing happened ...

"Poseidon" to visit them!

First, to ban the Japs from catching seafood in the sea areas of Russia. Then stop all cultural exchanges and the sale of oil products. Through diplomatic channels, make an appropriate presentation and look at the reaction. Based on the results, take the following measures.

What are the "Gauges"? We have a limited number of them. And all, already, are distributed according to target designations.

Japan has been punished forever for participating in the fascist coalition and war crimes. Japan begs for sanctions.

The situation on the new territorial formation "Japan Region" must be urgently developed in order to end without delay the glorious campaign of Japan against the Russian Kuril ridge.

the author, and we are confident that we will be able to create forceful pressure on Japan if we are enemies of the entire world community. No matter how pressure is exerted on us

It's time for the caliber to arrange an excursion to Tokyo, since it doesn’t reach so diplomatically ...