Japan announced electronic suppression of Russian air defense systems in the Kuril Islands

In Japan, they announced the deployment of electronic warfare against Russia.

The Japanese authorities announced the suppression of Russian air and anti-missile defense systems deployed in the Far East and the Kuril Islands. In fact, we are talking about direct aggression against Russia, even in spite of the use of non-lethal weapons, to which Russia has the right to respond either with similar measures or with the use of any other weapon.

“The Japanese authorities began to seriously think about electronic warfare after Russia and China began to build up their military capabilities. As the portal Polit Expert reported on Tuesday, August 11, Japan decided to start modernizing its defense industry against the backdrop of strengthening Russian and Chinese military capabilities. First of all, Japan intends to develop electronic warfare troops, since it is very important, when an enemy attacks, to disrupt communication between his units or warships and aircraft. To do this, the Japanese government has developed a program for the creation of electronic warfare troops in Kimamoto, which will be implemented in the first half of 2021. Also, developments in the field of the radio-electronic defense industry will be developed ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "".

According to sources, 15 billion yen was allocated from the country's budget for the development and subsequent deployment of long-range electronic warfare systems, while experts draw attention to the fact that we are talking about long-range complexes and systems with the aim of a special purposeful impact on Russian military radars, anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, air and sea monitoring

It is puzzling why the United States is not threatening a retaliatory nuclear strike, and Russia? Are they not afraid of Russian politics, with non-aggressive military rhetoric?

It is hard to believe that they were able to suppress the "twenty two", which is shown in the photo. The "Davilka" is more likely to sweat.

The location is known, the goals are set for the work of Iskander ...

Let them try to fly into our territory

In Yi Ching it is clearly written that if you are attacked, then you must interrupt the attack and immediately destroy the attacker. Otherwise, sooner or later, it will rise and attack again, Not the fact that you will fight off the second time.

Let the Japanese create electronic warfare, then Russia will be forced to create more powerful anti-electronic warfare. In this case, not one Japanese aircraft will be able to take off and all their electronics will be disconnected. They will walk like blind people all over Japan.

Electronic warfare means are easily neutralized by a missile strike. The Japanese military never learned the lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Again they are giving up their people as a victim of a possible conflict.

Looking for a dome of silence over all of Japan? No problem!

Ndaaa ... in the course of the WWII vaccination on the samurai did not work ... We need a repeated and more potent ...

According to the author, they have already done this ... The question is why we didn’t answer ... after all, a couple of missiles could have arrived for the electronic suppression ...

The Japanese, of course, can into electronics, but why then don't they make radars themselves, but buy them in the USA? Electronic warfare will be much more difficult than radars.

Well, that's a good competition, let's see who wins. Let's take a look at our electronics.

And of course we will wait

let them risk doing it and then not complain about the consequences.