civil aircraft
Test: Knowledge of civil aircraft

Test of civilian aircraft



77% well, I think - normal result!

And why the hell did you put the Boeing here? Is it really our plane and all this is an idiotic undertaking!

Eeeee, 76%! hard to learn from such small pictures .. :) But interestingly

Isi test, 100% professional

And less scale to do?


90% .. there were difficulties with B777

The 777 has the greatest engines. And in the picture they are disproportionately small. The fucking test.

I agree that the test is incorrect.
do not look like the original

However, 97% .... I would like more transport and military

And where is the test for non-civil aircraft?

spasibo za test.

Boeing 767, 777, Airbus 330, 340 - faceless. And so 80 - not bad.

There would be pictures of the aircraft could be more typed. The pictures are difficult to determine. And so 82 is also not bad. I like the test cool.

Flied on the IL-86. Much better than 737,319,320.

Cool! I really liked it, just do not guess and find out.

67%. It will not be enough ...

I live near the airport. Sometimes I look at the airliners coming to land.

60% is more than a good estimate. I did not really see them. Basically guesses and sharply different (A-380, B-747 etc)

80% flew only on domestic from An-2 to Tu-114, it's a pity that until
flew to IL-86, 96, and right now that's not really like.

93% only because of the small fry, the phone can not see. And 777 is not typical.

100%, still, 25 years in aviation!

47% While not on WHAT NEVER FLY. In the airports - yes, I met and saw off. ;)

I would like to see a test of domestic aircraft .... An, Tu, Il. There were a lot of them ... Some (youth) even Tu104 from Tu114 does not distinguish. :)

I flew from childhood on all types of Aeroflot planes, except for Li-2 (and maybe on it?) In 1969, during the Damansk conflict, parents from Khabarovsk to Okhotsk were taken to my grandmother. Well, I do not remember what I was flying on Li-2 or IL-14? 2 year was ...) and IL-86. I expected that domestic aviation would be represented. Not everyone Tu-114 will know, or An-8 from An-24 will distinguish! Its 60% is normal!

100%. Something like this. It's a shame to not know when you work at Tolmachevo airport!

Something like this


97% Attention test, with 777 th hastened

I have been fond of aviation since childhood.

An interesting test - the truth that teaches is not clear ... :) I think it would be more difficult with military aircraft ...

The downside is that the planes are not clearly visible, 777 is not correct.

This is two hundred 777-200!

777 has the biggest turbines. And this is seen in the pictures))

Interesting test


97% almost pros

Cool test

100% yuhhhu)))

65% (((I will continue to study.



For lovers of standards test

100% / Easy test

All success

At first it was just about turbo-propeller or jet engines, but then when they began to drive through the countries it became more difficult even though I fly on Russian airplanes.

Cool test


Sorry for the Soviet legendary aircraft there, such as IL-86, Tu-154B-2, Tu-154M, IL-18 and others. I understand that they are already obsolete, but they would not interfere too. And then some Bobiki, Embry and Watermelon. And the test is cool, it will go to the airfare.

77%, I also counted on domestic liners. Boeing and Airbus steer ...