Long Range Aviation Day
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Long-Range Aviation Day ... or the long-range aviation.

Long-Range Aviation Day ... or the long-range aviation.


 I think that professional aviators, pilots, technicians, dispatchers, there is no need to remind the glorious history of our aircraft!

 As in the distant 1913 year, December 23 Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky himself raised his famous heavy Ilya Muromets aircraft. With what surprise the whole world learned that the agrarian country overtook all countries, in such a laborious and technological process as the creation of a hitherto unseen plane. How successfully "Ilyushi" fought, first on the fronts of the First World War, and then the Civil War. We remember how the Soviet country created the world's first all-metal aircraft in the Tupolev Design Bureau. Remember how to build bombers DB-3 (IL-4) , the famous Pe-8. During the war, a separate ADD command (long-range aviation) was created. As a boy, I listened to the stories of my father, Alexander Mikhailovich Smirnov, who served for 7 years in the 12th Guards Gatchina, the Order of Suvorov, 3rd degree, long-range bomber aviation regiment. I admire these people who, in the harsh conditions of many hours of flight, both then and now, are on alert.



We all remember well how in the post-war period in the emergency order were created nuclear weapon carriers Tu-4. How were the first jet long-range bombers. Famous Soviet design bureaus, which created a unique car, for dozens of years in advance of the world's progress.

 And, despite the past difficult years for our country, we still have a lot to be proud of!

Aircraft range aviation of the Russian Federation Air Force and now can fly to anywhere in the world and complete the task. A handsome "White Swans" Tu-160 suggest many reflections of our overt and covert enemies.

 I understand that my note is reminiscent of the editorial from 80’s Red Star, but believe me, dear aviators of this glorious kind of military, this is from the heart, and from pride in you and in our aircraft, in our country.

 Clean sky you guys. Soft landings, let the number of takeoffs and landings will always be equal. Health to you and your families! So that your combat duty would end with regular patrols, and the equipment never let you down.


 Good luck to all the employees of the DA Air Force of the Russian Federation!


especially for Valery Smirnlv Avia.pro