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Closed due to EU sanctions and the US Russian loukoster "Dobrolet"I showed the effectiveness of their use, moved in just a few months, more than 65 thousand passengers. Along with all these developments, 16 September 2014, the Board of Directors JSC "Aeroflot" registered a new Russian air carrier is very interesting name - "low-cost carriers."

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Information that "Aeroflot" intends to create a new loukostera, appeared in August 2014 years, but so far no information about what it would be for the airline did not specify. As it became known, the new loukoster "Budget carrier" will perform flights on the territory of the Russian Federation, and most likely for these purposes will be used exclusively for domestic planes IL-114Whose production should begin soon. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Government of the Russian Federation at the moment has recognized that the plane would not be popular with other carriers, which may suggest that the airline "low-cost carriers," may use aircraft other types of used aircraft of another class, in particular, it could be a passenger airliners Tu-204, The effectiveness of which is only slightly lower than foreign Boeing 737.

The history of the airline "Low Cost Carrier" begins with the 2014 year, namely after the European Union imposed sanctions for flights in the occupied Crimea against Dobrolet. 3 August airline ceased operations. The “budget carrier” was not originally planned, since Aeroflot expected the EU to lift the sanctions against Dobrolet.

In November 2014 year it was renamed the "Victory" (another name for "Low cost carriers") and started selling tickets in six areas of Moscow and back. For the first 12 hours after the opening of the sale it was sold more tickets 7000 and 7 within days - 20000. The first flight to Volgograd airline fulfilled the first of December. In November 2015 years have opened the sale of tickets for international routes: Vienna and Bratislava. On December 21 airline launched scheduled flights between Vnukovo Airport and Orio al Serio (Bergamo, Italy).

The route network

As of December 2015 years' Budget Carrier "carries out and plans to fly to cities such as:

1. Anapa - Vityazevo Airport.

2. Belgorod - Belgorod Airport.

3. Vladikavkaz - Beslan Airport.

4. Gelendzhik - Airport Gelendzhik.

5. Astrakhan - Astrakhan Airport.

6. Volgograd - Airport Gumrak.

7. Ekaterinburg - Koltsovo Airport.

8. Kirov - Pobedilovo Airport.

9. Kaliningrad - Khrabrovo Airport.

10. Makhachkala - Airport Uytash.

11. Krasnodar - Pashkovsky Airport.

12. Milan - Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport.

13. Nazran - Magas Airport.

14. Moscow - Vnukovo Airport.

15. Nizhnevartovsk - Airport Nizhnevartovsk.

16. Perm - Airport Big Savino.

17. Novosibirsk - Tolmachevo Airport.

18. Samara - Airport Kurumoch.

19. Rostov-on-Don - Rostov-on-Don Airport.

20. Sochi - Sochi Airport.

21. St. Petersburg - Pulkovo Airport.

22. Surgut - Airport Surgut.

23. Tyumen - Roshchino Airport.

24. Cheboksary - Airport Cheboksary.

25. Ufa - Airport Ufa.

Flights to Simferopol (Crimea), due to be carried out before the sanctions will not be administered by.

As of 2015 years the average age of airline aircraft is 1,1 years. The fleet represented by aircraft model, "Boeing 737-800», in the amount of 12 units. Aircraft Registration - Bermuda.

redpolagaetsya that since the beginning of its operation, the airline "Low cost carriers" will fulfill all previously flying close due to the sanctions flights shedule "Dobrolet", but the number of routes will continue to increase, and as noted, they will cover about 20-25 Russian regional centers that will lead to the effective air traffic, that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to do in the middle of the year.

Airline Low Cost Carrier official website : http://dobrolet.com/

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;

  • Russian air carrier performing low cost flights on the territory of Russia

  • Year of occurrence: 2014;

Budget carrier branch

Contact details:

By the staff no one claim. Everything works strictly according to instructions, no deviations from the planned regulations, the only thing that some flights are served with a delay.

More you do not fly. At first, indeed, too early to announce the landing. Then, all seated in the cabin and close the door to keep the stuffiness until immediate departure time, many even feel bad.

I arrive at the airport 40 minutes before departure, and it turned out that the registration has long been over. Horror at the date of the ticket lost a large sum of money before it was trying to persuade me to miss all still on board what I have to put it mildly, they sent and told that nothing can help.

I'm surprised some people, the company budget. They never hid and even seeing the name is already possible to draw conclusions, so no need to require some over the quality of flights. If you need first-class service, mounted monitors and other attributes of luxury pay good money and fly another airline.

We flew the airline, all very much. It is evident that flight attendants have tried very hard to please passengers. No turbulence. I recommend!