Bokach Boris. Biography. Ranks. A photo.
Bokach Boris. Biography. Ranks. A photo.

Bokach Boris. Biography. Ranks. A photo. 




Born in April Bokach 1923. I was in high school (9 classes), engaged in the flying club. At the beginning of the war he graduated from the Kachin flying school. I was in reserve 16-Regiment until the spring of 1943




Since March 1945 was sent to the front. Month fought on the Kalinin Front, while in a 152-th Regiment, after transferred to the Arctic in the 197-th Regiment. By the end of the war he made a little less than 100 sorties, during which German aircraft shot down 2.

Bokach Boris. Biography. Photo.


With 1946-th, he served as a pilot in 195 Regiment, participated in the air show at the Tushino airfield and Red Square. In 1950 was appointed commander of the squadron.

With 1951 1952 year on, he took part in the hostilities of the Korean conflict.


Memories Hero Union Pepelyaeva:


 “As everyone knows, 90% of our regiment participated in the war against the Nazis. But they turned out to be the best, just the pilots who had not fought earlier. But even among the experienced pilots who fought there were many fighters who showed themselves well. One of these was the commander of the second squadron, Boris Boxer.

Bokach Boris. Biography. Ranks. A photo.

Yevgeny Pepelyaev.


I think he was the best squadron commander in the regiment. A very honest, brave and intelligent officer. He considered fighting a normal job and always took it very seriously. He carefully approached the readiness of his pilots and prepared well himself. I remembered that he never left the battle prematurely, twice in a critical situation he came to my aid, driving away the attacking enemy.

I remember one major battle in 1951, the enemy raised in the air 40 bombers who cover 60 fighters. Their goal was to bomb a strategic bridge over the river Yalutsayan.

Bokach Boris. Biography. Ranks. A photo.

Timely detection of enemy radars. The authorities took to the air 44 324 fighter division, which is divided into groups went to meet the Americans.

MiGs attacked, using effective tactics, bombers knocked out of action from all sides. Hide behind their fighters just do not have time to catch us, we have successfully passed through their barriers, and went to his primary goal - bombers.

At the end of the fight in the level 2-29 we were able to break through and go up to the bridge, but Kozhedub already raised in the air last reserve - 8 aircraft under the command of Bokach. His team was able to shoot down American bombers 5, the rest turned back. Bokach himself shot down in this battle 1 plane.

He committed to the war 180 sorties, shot down in 50 7 American aircraft. It was presented to the command of the hero, but the title did not get - a very large ambitions prevented the chief of aviation. "

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