Aliyev threatened Russian military airbase in Armenia

For the first time, the President of Azerbaijan threatened the Russian military in Armenia.

For the first time since the beginning of the conflict in Karabakh, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev threatened the Russian military stationed in Armenia with very serious consequences. According to Aliyev, Russia has begun to intervene in the situation and this can lead to serious consequences.

“Aliyev accused the Russian military base in Gyumri of supplying arms to Armenia, since“ there are facts, ”but“ there are no facts about Turkey. ” “We do not say how many Russian MiG-29s, Su-30s are on the territory of Armenia. We are not talking about the fact that XNUMX Russian troops are located at the base in Armenia in Gyumri - and, according to our data, supplies to the Armenian armed forces periodically come from there, and these are facts, unlike what is said about us, " he stated. In his words, Armenia would not have survived without outside help, without Russian weapons. “(...) today, without outside help, Armenia would not have been able to stand in the occupied territories for a single day. Political, military, and moral support comes from countries that must adhere to neutrality, "he added.", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Military Review".

The Azerbaijani leader did not give any details on this score, however, earlier journalists drew attention to the fact that recently the Azerbaijani army stopped its offensive on all fronts, and its losses increased significantly, although only in a month of military confrontation in region, Armenia lost military equipment worth 2,7 billion dollars in equivalent, which corresponds, for example, to the cost of 600 T-72 tanks.

The Russian side officially adheres to neutrality in this conflict, urging each of the parties to come to a diplomatic solution to the problem.

Have you let us into your lands? You will first decide who you are, where you came from and where you are going ...

Then give Krasnodar, too, if you don't mind.

Let the defenders of Azerbaijanis remember the massacre in Shusha that began on March 20, 1920 (my Russian father survived this as a child and barely escaped a terrible death, like other Christians). This is a continuation of the 1915 genocide. Let them find statistics on the composition of the population of Shushi by years in tsarist times and after the massacre, and then under Soviet rule, especially in the 80s. And subjective grievances can be on either side.

If Griboyedov had written to the Emperor, “Your Excellency,” he would definitely have survived, but he would have spent the rest of his life in the casemate.

When in the summer of 1988 an extensive article by the editor-in-chief Glushkov appeared in the Vyshka newspaper, exposing the speculations of the Armenians about the so-called “seizure” of Karabakh from Armenia and its “transfer” to Azerbaijan, there was a hope that the point in this issue was finally put.
However, unfortunately, the world continues to talk about the "transition" of this primordially Azerbaijani province from Armenia to Azerbaijan with the light hand of Stalin. It is surprising that independent media sources and even politicians from third countries speak about this, who are too lazy to even get acquainted with the very text of the minutes of the meeting of the Caucasian Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) of July 5, 1921.
Meanwhile, this document is stored in the archive, was published several times, and after the Armenian, if I may say so, “historians” questioned the accuracy of the citation, even the document's photo had to be published.
The plenum was attended by: a member of the Central Committee I.V. Stalin as chairman of the plenum without the right to vote, seven members of the Caucasian Bureau with the right to vote, Georgians G.K. Ordzhonikidze, F.I. Makharadze, I.D. Orakhelashvili, Bulgarian S.M. Kirov, Armenians A.M. Nazaretyan, A.F. Myasnikov (Myasnikyan) and Azerbaijani N.N. Narimanov. The non-voting People's Commissar of Azerbaijan Huseynov and Secretary of the Caucasian Bureau Figatner also attended the plenum. Two Armenians and one Azeri with the right to vote. Let us recall that this is happening in the middle of 1921, when the power in the country is completely in the hands of the capable and strong V.I. Lenin, and few people know about an ordinary member of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) I.V. Stalin. Only a year later, due to the leader's illness, Stalin would be formally appointed as general secretary, whose functions at that time were very limited and decisions were always made strictly collegially. In this context, the pathetic attempt of the Armenians to attribute the “unjust” decision on Karabakh to the personality of Stalin, little known at the time, and to link the “torment” of the Armenians of Karabakh with the name of the tyrant against the background of the condemnation of the dictator that unfolded during perestroika, looks from a historical point of view, at least ridiculous ... Armenians will be very curious to know that the People's Commissar for National Minorities Stalin and the People's Commissar Chicherin have always advocated the transfer of Karabakh to Armenia.
It is interesting that the issue of revising the decision on the transfer of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia, adopted on the eve of July 4, was raised by I.D. Ordzhonikidze and (attention!) Armenian A.M. Nazaretyan. By the way, this was not the first case of the Armenians themselves recognizing the futility of re-subordinating Karabakh to Armenia. Two years before the plenum of the Caucasus Bureau, Anastas Mikoyan on May 22, 1919, in a letter to VI Lenin, noted: “The Dashnaks, agents of the Armenian government, are striving for the annexation of Karabakh to Armenia. But this for the population of Karabakh would mean losing the source of their life in Baku and contacting Erivan, with which they have never been connected in anything. (emphasis mine - VS) The Armenian peasantry at the fifth congress decided to join Azerbaijan. " (The Central Party Archives of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism under the Central Committee of the CPSU - CPA IML, f. 461, op. 1, item 4525, sheet 1.)
The plenum decided the following: “Based on the need for peace between Muslims and Armenians and the economic ties of upper and lower Karabakh, its permanent ties with Azerbaijan, leave Nagorno Karabakh (emphasis mine - V.S.) within the ASSR, granting him broad regional autonomy with the administrative center in the city of Shusha, which is part of the autonomous region. "
Arthur Barseghyan (part 2)
He who has eyes - let him read! The archival document clearly says: leave Karabakh within Azerbaijan, not transfer it. You can only leave what was originally there before. This simple document alone testifies that Karabakh has always been a part of Azerbaijan! Skillfully manipulating words, replacing the word “leave” with “transfer”, the Armenians naively believe that they will be able to mislead the whole world for a long time and convince that before the plenum of the Caucasus Bureau in 1921, Karabakh was part of Armenia.
On July 4, 1921, Narimanov, Makharadze and Nazaretyan voted for leaving Karabakh within Azerbaijan. Against - Ordzhonikidze, Myasnikov, Kirov and Figatner. Stalin did not vote! However, given the urgency of the issue, the discussion was not completed that day, and the adoption of the final decision was postponed to the next day. As noted above, the plenum on the initiative of Ordzhonikidze and Nazaretyan returned to the consideration of this issue. By the majority of votes, Karabakh was left within Azerbaijan. The protocol notes that four voted "for", "abstained" - three. And not a single vote against. (CPA IML, file 64, file 2, item storage 1, sheet 122-122 ob.)
And finally, the last one. In August 1923, a referendum was held in the NKAO, during which the Armenian peasants approved the formation of the NKAO within Azerbaijan. Reporting on its results, the secretary of the Karabakh regional party committee Sero Manutsyan reported on October 13, 1923 to the Central Committee of the AKP (b): "The act of autonomy within Azerbaijan from the Armenian peasants was met with complete unanimity ... The peasants in their massive resolutions welcomed autonomy and Soviet power" ... In the report of the Central Committee of the AKP (b) to the Congress of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, made on May 5, 1924, S. M. Kirov noted: “The biggest, most prominent achievement in our country ... is that, perhaps, not quite complete, but in any case, the so-called Karabakh issue has been largely resolved ... There is no doubt that we will not have to reconsider this issue ”.
In this way,
1) the Bolsheviks LEFT Karabakh within Azerbaijan, and did not transfer it;
2) the decision was made by the Caucasus Bureau, in which the Armenians had a numerical advantage;
3) there was no role for Stalin in this, all the more considering that he himself wanted to see Karabakh as a part of Armenia rather than Azerbaijan;
4) during the referendum in the NKAO in 1923, the Armenians of Karabakh approved the decision of the Caucasus Bureau!
Seventy years later, in their interpretation of the formation of the NKAO, the Nuikins, Starovoitovs, Bonners and other kitchen "human rights activists" deliberately distorted points 1 and 3 and deliberately kept silent about points 2 and 4.
Karina, I hope the topic is closed and you will not have any questions!

"All this territory is recognized by the world community as Azerbaijan territory ...." - the reason is in OIL AND GAS and, accordingly, the interests of world business, they will run out, and recognition will run out ...

Watch the film "Hidden Truths" and Griboyedov's memorandum on the resettlement of Armenians to the territory of present Azerbaijan: 9 old-timers of Armenians against 62 Azerbaijanis lived in Gabul, 13 against 78, Kazan 10 Armenians, Azeris -58 In Nakhichevan 114 Armenians, 379 Azeris. Total 146 Armenians against 1185 Azerbaijanis, and settled 495 Armenians after 1828. Look at Wikipedia for the names of cities in Armenia - all renamed from Azeri !!!

These Armenians are a very arrogant people. We let them into their lands, now they claim that these are our lands. I'm just surprised.

Like your fellow tribesmen, you are engaged in lies. Before 1990, according to the census of Azerbaijan: 1926: 125 people in total, 159% - Armenians, 89.24% - Azerbaijanis;
1939: 132 people in total, 800% - Armenians, 88.04% - Azerbaijanis;
1959: 130 people in total, 406% - Armenians, 84.4% - Azerbaijanis;
1970: 150 people in total, 313% - Armenians, 80.5% - Azerbaijanis;
1979: 162 people in total, 181% - Armenians, 75.9% - Azerbaijanis;
1989: 189 people in total, 085% - Armenians, 76.92% - Azerbaijanis;
2005: 137 people in total, 737% - Armenians, 99.74% - Azerbaijanis;
2015: 145 people in total, 053% - Armenians, 99.74 - Azerbaijanis;

Art. 2 DCS says. that in case of loss of sovereignty or part of the territory ..., also in case of a threat to a member state of the CST, an operational consultation is held by the CST countries (The use of military force is definitely possible only with the first two components). NATO also does not welcome the use of force immediately, and especially because of the internecine war of neighbors. Pashinyan has already shown himself in the beginning as not a supporter of Russia. Alexander, you think that we should fight for Karabakh, unrecognized by Armenia itself and recognized in the UN as the territory of Azerbaijan ...?!

Armenia is an ally and will receive assistance.

Karabakh is a Difficult Task and it will probably have to be solved anyway. The best option is the division of the territory and the recognition of the demarcation of the borders by Armenia and Azerbaijan. But strikes from the territory of Armenia with tactical missiles on the territory of Azerbaijan are unacceptable. Armenia itself did not recognize Karabakh, but strikes, as in the defense of the Fatherland. A situation is being created to involve our military, at least in protecting the airspace of Armenia in accordance with the KB agreement. But Azerbaijan is not our rival.

You are right, if you mean the Russian troops stationed in Gyumri. But the truth is that from the first days of the war, Armenian troops have been attacking Azerbaijani peaceful cities with missiles of various ranges from their territory, that is, from Armenia. These are the cities of Vardenis, Kafan, Goris, etc. Even up the mountains. Ganja fired a ballistic missile of enormous power. But the Azerbaijani troops drive and destroy the enemy on the battlefield. Armenian soldiers scatter like rats, leaving behind all their equipment, weapons and equipment. It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to shoot at civilians. They would show themselves in battle face to face with Azerbaijani fighters.
We have two advantages: first, we are right, we are fighting for the occupied territories; secondly, we are stronger, as shown by military actions.

Correctly and doing, there is nothing to offend the weak!

Well, yes, in Azerbadzhan they didn't jump in the squares, that's right ... They just killed Russians at the same time as Armenians and other national minorities in Baku! It's a shame not to know your history! But not even 30 years have passed since these events took place. And there is no Russian base in Baku, but there are Turkish, that is to say, NATO-F16 planes.

Is Karabakh Azerbajan? What historical information did you get that Karabakh is Az-n? From Azeri or just "from the ceiling"? Nagorno Karabakh is a territory inhabited by Armenians from time immemorial. There are churches and monasteries created by Armenian architects since the 9th century. No Christian should speak such nonsense based on individual incidents that took place (or did not take place) in Yerevan. Maybe it was generally a substitute to denigrate the Armenians? In any case, when Christianity is in danger, it is not for Christians to talk about nonsense. Your logic does not hold water.

Everything is correct, the issue should be resolved so that 5 districts should be returned to the Azeris and, in parallel, the Azeris should recognize Karabakh as an independent country and sign an agreement on the timing of how and where and when the refugees should return. The sheep are safe and the wolves are fed

It should be noted that many of the officers at this base are Armenians ...

Alexander, more Armenians lived in Karabakh now (that is, until September 27, 2020). But during the years of the Soviets it was completely different, Azerbaijanis and Armenians lived together in all cities and villages. All this territory is recognized by the world community as Azerbaijan territory and we will win them back from the invaders who brazenly held Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 adjacent regions for almost 30 years!

You have incorrect information. You present information from Armenian sources. Read the earlier story: from the early 19th century.

Nobody tries to slaughter or evict Armenians in Russia. Therefore, they have no reason to separate to defend themselves.

The seaside is full of Chinese, so following your logic, this territory should be given to China?

If there were "participation", then the DPR would be clean of the Armed Forces ... But for some reason, for 5 years, there is no evidence of the actions of the RF Armed Forces in Donbass, except for the videos "TSN". Once again, there is NO NEED to supply the Armenian Army with something that needs to be eaten on the basis of the Russian Army, but you still need to learn how to work with such equipment, and if you remember, not long ago Pashinyan "looked in the other direction" from Russia. Pashinyan actively called for a withdrawal from the CST, complicated the negotiations, and if anyone thinks that Russia will provide "super technology" to Armenia, like a barbecue in a cafe at the click of a button, he is a Big Optimist ... But according to the Security Treaty, Russia will take measures to protect the territory of Armenia itself - THIS IS IMEDZHEVO, but she is not obliged to fight for Karabakh. And Azerbaijan is not our enemy until now.

Both Azerbaijan and Armenia have mainly Russian-made weapons. We sell to whom we want. Invite - we will put you our military base, what is the problem then.

Otherwise, how can you trade and own our markets?

there to shoot down our ILs? And what about Bakuuuu?

five thousand Russian FORCES or five thousand Russian SOLDIERS, who was wrong, author or Aliev ..?

In Sochi, Adler, Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, in other regions of Russia, mothers live a lot of Armenians, maybe even a little more than Russians. So this is what I am Alexander, maybe we will give these regions to the Armenians, there are a lot of them and they have been living there for a very long time. Soon they will rename Sochi as Sorchakh, Adler Adlertsah, and Kislovodsk Kislovodsktsah, etc.
Griboyedov, who was engaged in the resettlement of Armenians in 1828 on the territory of the Erevan Khanate of now present Azerbaijan, wrote to the Russian Emperor, Your Excellency, do not allow Armenians to enter the central lands of Russia, since this is such a tribe that after decades will claim that this is their ancient land.

The most interesting thing is that, for example, many Armenians lived in Nakhichevan, but it went to Azerbaijan, and in Artsakh there were much more Armenians and there were and are, but also deyure Azerbaijan. Well, nonsense.

Russians always do this vilely: they deny their participation from a high rostrum, but in fact, arms deliveries are going on, just like in the Donbass, Russians deny their participation, and the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia is suing the authorities for the dead Russian sons and demands compensation for money

I don’t understand where exactly the author noticed Aliyev’s threats to the Russian base? And yet, what is the assertion that Azerbaijan stopped the advance on all fronts based on?

I think it's in vain that Mr. Aliyev accuses the Russian Federation so, because the base of the Russian Armed Forces was already there. And it is impossible to supply something to the Armenian side, since it is not enough to have new equipment, you need to know how to use it. But we must not forget that for now Armenia is a member of the CST (consultations of course will be against the background of Turkey's interference). Our troops will not enter the territory of Karabakh in any case, but at a distance of 22 km from the Russian base in Gyumri, Turkish UAVs fly ... Of course, strikes from the territory of Armenia by Armenian troops on Azerbaijan are unacceptable under our security agreement.

Well, the Azeris occupied the plain at the expense of unmanned aerial vehicles. And then ... And then the mountains and the tanks of other equipment are cramped. Well, to explain why Aliyev got up, the answer was found - Russia is to blame ...

It is simply impossible to allow the expansion of Erdogan's influence in the Caucasus. Therefore, I think Russia will not allow Armenia's defeat

Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis will never betray Russia, no matter what!

In Karabakh, the majority of the population is Armenians, which means this territory should be part of Armenia. Into the furnace the unfair Soviet borders dividing peoples.

It seems that you yourself write "There is no benefit from Pashinyan," and then draw the correct conclusion.

Sooner or later, it will have to intervene, since Turkey affects the interests of the Russian Federation in the Caucasus under the pretext of a war with Karabakh. Nobody hides the fact that Turkey openly supports Azeirbajan, so why should Russia not support its ally, what right does Aliyev have to threaten with Russia's interests

All the same, a good thing called DEMOCRACY ... ????

Why interfere in Armenia / the Azerbaijan conflict of Russia ?! There is no benefit to Russia from Pashinyan. Aliyev will not stop the offensive anyway, and if Russia intervenes in any form on the side of the Armenians, then Turkey will also interfere with military force in the conflict! Russia needs it ?!

Aliyev needs to think before threatening, his support from Turkey does not make him a mighty warrior, since he is crushed like a cockroach and Turkey will not help !!!

Let him tell about the help from Erdogan. And it will remind you of neutrality.

Nobody attacked Armenia! And our base should not and has no right to interfere !!!!! Karabakh, this is Ayzerbajan !!! Let them sort it out one on one. I am on the side of Ayzerbadzhan, because in Ayzerbadzhan they did not jump in the squares, unlike Armenia, against the Russian Federation. The ARAM people are a mean people, and they are trying to drag Russia into their conflict. Soros's order, from Pshanyan, is in action.