Radar P-18


Azerbaijan destroyed one of the most advanced radar stations in the world, capable of seeing even "invisible" planes

An Azerbaijani drone destroyed one of the most highly efficient radars in the world.

An attack unmanned aerial vehicle, and it seems to be a Bayraktar TB2 UAV, destroyed one of the most advanced radar stations deployed on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. We are talking about a radar station capable of detecting even "stealth" aircraft - the P-18 radar.

"It is specified that" as a result of the measures taken against the Armenian armed forces in various directions of the front, there are killed and wounded among the enemy personnel. " “Yesterday, during the day and night, a large number of manpower, 2 Su-25 attack aircraft, 3 T-72 tanks, 1 BMP, 2 Smerch MLRS and 1RSZO BM-21 Grad, 10 various types of guns, 2 self-propelled howitzers "Gvozdika", 1 SAM "Osa", 1 radar station P-18, 4 units of enemy vehicles. Currently, our troops are monitoring the operational situation, "- said in the message"- приводит information from the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The P-18 radar is considered one of the most reliable stations designed to detect any types of aircraft at distances from several tens to several hundred kilometers, including targets with low radar signature.

In which direction the radar station was destroyed is unknown, however, judging by the current situation, Armenia and the NKR are deprived of the opportunity to effectively control the airspace.

So Azerbaijan is filming a video of what it destroyed, and Armenia is only talking. Azerbaijan did not use tanks and the like. Mainly UAVs and artillery worked

"Vostok-3D" (Republic of Belarus) is the correct name of the station, the photo was taken probably from the Internet ...

It is as "advanced" as all other military equipment supplied by Russia to Armenia.

P-18s are now undergoing modernization and are working quite well.

Soviet two-coordinate station of the 70s of development, meter range - that's why it sees invisible people. In the photo, of course, not her. In the USSR Air Force, a kind of detection station was used when directing flights in the near zone, rarely for guiding fighters in exercises at short ranges (outside of interception), when the target fell into the dead zone for detecting centimeter-range stations. The P-18 is not intended for the guidance of fighters, because it has a large error and accuracy in determining the coordinates, but having a meter range it detects F-117, F-22, F-35, B-2.

This station operated back in the 70s.

An interesting forward station that detects invisible and invisible attacking drone at optical visibility distance. Why then was this station needed at all?

Check out the Wikipedia article on the P-18. There is also her real image.

If the P-18 is "advanced", then I am generally a dinosaur. It was a model of the station, because the P-18 will be 50 years old tomorrow.

The P-18 has been in production for 49 years and still works without modernization.

... he was in shock, .. served 86-88 on this, but he sees perfectly, but ADVANCED, this is too much .. even for a new father, ..

The photo shows, as far as I can see, the P-18-2 Prima radar, a modernized two-coordinate VHF station developed sometime in 2005-2013.

Azerbaijan has a huge number of drone-recorded videos, no matter how proof confirming the information about the destruction of Armenian equipment

and NATO ships are aware that someone is chasing them and not like a little dog running after nmim from behind at a safe distance ???

In 1945, anticipating his inevitable end, Hitler continued to urge everyone to take up arms and go to kill. He also ordered the bombing of peaceful cities in Europe, thus somehow reassuring himself for the defeat at the front. Pashinyan now has the same agony.

And the air defense and the military can simultaneously work nearby or not?

Well, nonsense. P-18 forward radar. Reliable, yes.

Ha, this is an old radar station, I served on this in 84-86, it was already old then.

If you count from the beginning of the battles, then everything that was destroyed on both sides! Every day, and here and there they write 100 pieces of this and that !!! Is it all growing in the garden with them !!!?

The development was promising in the 75th year, Modernized and relevant now, but no longer "the most advanced". The option of defeat is not clear, as well as how the service was carried out by the crew (was it in a combat state and was there a crew ..?). The video shows a similar antenna on the P-18 and people ran to the left (it means that they heard something ...), but again there is no cover with Shilka! Or ZU-2-23. The P-18 radar has high radar stealth and high detection efficiency It turns out that the drone operator optically saw the radar and decided to attack ...

Azerbaijani tales ...

Actually, this radar has been operating since the 70s of the last century. I served on this back in 1982-1984. Maybe he sees stealth - I have not tested it, but it can hardly be called an advanced one. Now there are more advanced options. You would not be doing PR, but more thoughtfully and soberly assess your sources. Judging by the reliability, you can easily be attributed to the "yellow" press ...

Both belligerents have already "destroyed" six times more equipment than they had at all.