US base strikes


Part of the American military base in Syria was completely destroyed

Satellite images showed the complete destruction of part of a US military base in eastern Syria.

A surprise attack by Iranian forces on a US military base in eastern Syria has received unexpected details. As it turned out, the US military published only part of the destruction, trying to hide the real extent of the Iranian Fateh-110 missiles and drones strikes. The situation was clarified by satellite images, in which you can see that the strikes fell on the central and eastern parts of the US military base. On the site of the former buildings, you can now see only black spots of blows and the fire that subsequently began.

Despite the fact that the images are not distinguished by high resolution and good clarity, you can see that the destruction is quite large, although at the same time, Iran could well have used much more powerful ballistic missiles or tactical attack drones. This would make it possible to destroy the US base virtually to the ground.

Pentagon officials have so far declined to comment on the scale of the destruction. Experts, however, draw attention to the fact that Iran, in fact, delivered only warning strikes, probably notifying the American side of them in advance. This is evidenced by the fact that all servicemen were evacuated and there were no casualties, at least officially.

NATO and Jews never admit their great losses