Erdogan refused to withdraw troops from Idlib, sending additional armored vehicles and troops to the region

The Turkish side began to strengthen its position in Idlib.

Against the background of the emergence information that Russian and Syrian troops are starting a large-scale assault on the Syrian province of Idlib from next week, intending at least to gain control over the M-4 highway, it became known that the Turkish side transferred its additional troops to Idlib, thereby demonstrating, obviously , readiness for clashes with both the Syrian and Russian military.

At the moment, it is known that at least one large convoy of Turkish military equipment and Turkish military personnel is sent to the southern part of the Idlib province, which the Russian and Syrian troops allegedly intend to storm. In addition, another large military convoy is preparing to be sent to Idlib, which indicates Erdogan's refusal to comply with the demands of Moscow and Damascus.



At the moment, it is known that Turkey is sending its troops and armored vehicles to Idlib, intending thereby to prevent an assault on the region. Considering the fact that two years ago Russian military aircraft successfully bombed fifty Turkish servicemen, after Ankara refused to withdraw its troops and announced the absence of the latter, now the situation for Ankara will not change.

As for the appearance in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​four Russian submarines, experts believe that the latter will also be involved in strikes against Turkish forces and jihadists, if the situation so requires.

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Russia must remember and remember, even smiling and promising peace ... the Turks always hold on to the handle of the scimitar ...

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the elder of Athos predicted that as soon as Turkey starts a war with Russia, she (Turkey) will cease to exist as a state, will lose part of its territory

There is enough strength to put the new padishah in his place. But the troops go on the offensive, RECEIVING AN ORDER. And it needs political will to deliver it. Who from the "circle of friends" will allow to cut their own profits from trade with Turkey? So, in the best case, "mistakenly" once bombed. and then they will apologize for a month ...

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Russia is ready to support by arming the Kurds in its liberation war against the Turks, Erdogan urgently needs to think about how to protect the southern part of the country from the Kurds ..