Hezbollah announced its readiness to destroy an American aircraft carrier group off its shores with Noor missiles

In the context of rising tensions in the Middle East and support for Israel from the United States, which sent a second aircraft carrier to the region, the Lebanese group Hezbollah showed off its Noor anti-ship missiles. The publication of a video with launchers can be considered as a warning to the United States about Hezbollah’s readiness to respond to Israeli actions.

The Iranian-made Noor anti-ship missile is a modification of the Chinese C-802 missile and has a target engagement range of up to 120 kilometers at a speed of Mach 0,9. The missile is equipped with a semi-armor-piercing warhead weighing 155 kg, which makes it a significant threat to sea vessels.

Hezbollah, which already had experience in using this type of weapon, has not yet demonstrated significant success in its use. However, the current demonstration of combat capabilities may indicate an intention to increase military pressure in response to increased American military support for Israel.


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