Fighter Su-LTS


The Su-LTS fighter will be available in three modifications - one of them is unique and has no analogues

Details of modifications of the latest Russian fifth-generation light fighter are revealed.

The newest Russian light tactical aircraft of the fifth generation, the Su-LTS (according to a number of assumptions, the fighter is named Su-75 - Ed.) Will be available in three different modifications, which will primarily depend on the customer's requirements.

As follows from the data presented, the newest Su-LTS will be produced in a single-seat version. If necessary, the customer can get a two-seat version, in which the countries of the Asian region are especially interested, as well as a completely unmanned version that will be capable of hitting not only land and sea targets, but also used as an interceptor.

The latter option is especially interesting, since, taking into account the previously stated requirements for the sixth generation fighters, the combat aircraft must either be completely unmanned, or have both a manned and an unmanned version. This directly indicates the fact that Russian specialists, if they did not create a sixth generation fighter, then at least approached it by developing a 5+ generation combat aircraft.

According to a number of assumptions, at least 12 countries may be interested in the acquisition of the Russian Su-LTS today, especially since the cost of this combat aircraft may turn out to be very affordable - according to various estimates, no more than $ 60-70 million.

So what ?! F-22 and Su-75 vehicles of completely different classes. And areas of application.

F-22 RAPTOR .. The radiation warning station, consists of 30 sensors located in the wings and fuselage, which provides coverage of 360 ° on all ranges. The system is capable of detecting, tracking and identifying a target at a distance of 460 km or more.