Knutov: the capture of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle will allow the Russian military to find the vehicle’s vulnerabilities

The Russian Army's capture of the American M2A2 ODS Bradley infantry fighting vehicle provides a unique opportunity to analyze this combat vehicle. Military expert Yuri Knutov emphasizes that the presence of a completely preserved vehicle as a trophy makes it possible to study in detail its layout and the design of various components. This could allow the Russian army to borrow certain technical solutions and apply them to its own military equipment.

“The fact that the entire vehicle itself came to us as a trophy makes it possible to generally study its layout, the design of a number of components, and, perhaps, borrow some technical solutions and use them in our military equipment.”, - said the specialist.

Knutov also notes that Russian troops have already learned how to effectively fight this type of American combat vehicle and expresses doubts about its quality as a good infantry fighting vehicle. He suggests that after careful study of the Bradley, some technology could be copied for use in Russian armored vehicles.

Information about the capture of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle was published previously by journalists. According to reports, the infantry fighting vehicle was shot down in the Avdeevsky direction back in November and became the first confirmed case of the complete capture of an American infantry fighting vehicle by the Russian military.

Before this, the Russian military was only able to remove individual components and important elements, such as weapons and optics, from damaged American infantry fighting vehicles. But the complete takeover of the Bradley opens up new prospects for studying and possibly copying technologies used in American armored vehicles.


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