Cruise missile


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accidentally told about the X-95 hypersonic air-launched missile

In Russia, the development of the X-95 hypersonic air-launched missile is underway.

Information about the newest Russian promising hypersonic air-launched missile appeared in open sources, which, as noted, can be used to suppress enemy forces in possible future armed conflicts. The missile was named X-95. Apparently, the ammunition is still being developed, although it is obvious that its tests will begin in the near future.

"Head of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General VB Zarudnitsky. gave the name of an air-launched hypersonic missile in his article "Factors of Achieving Victory in Military Conflicts of the Future", published in the latest August issue of "Military Thought". This missile is called the Kh-95 ", - reports "Telegram" - the community "Voenno-boltovoy".

For obvious reasons, no details are provided on this score. Experts note that we are talking about a tactical cruise missile, which, obviously, will have a range of more than a thousand kilometers. Apparently, targeting will be carried out with the involvement of ground, air and space complexes, which will guarantee the destruction of the target.

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(The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accidentally told. Russia is developing a hypersonic air-launched missile X-95)
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