Russia overtook China by the number of patients with coronavirus twice

The number of patients with coronavirus in Russia has doubled that in China.

According to the data available to the current hour, Russia overtook China in the number of citizens with coronavirus. At the moment, 4731 cases of infection in Russia are known, 43 dead and 333 recovered citizens - 4355 people remain sick, while in China it is known about 82574 3333 cases of infection, 77187 dead and 2054 citizens who recovered - XNUMX people remain sick.

Thus, according to the number of citizens with COVID-19 coronavirus, according to information as of April 5, 2020, Russia overtook China, and more than 2 times, which causes very serious fears that the situation with coronavirus in Russia may cause negative trends.

According to previous forecasts, by April 7, 2020, the number of cases in Russia may increase to 7,5-8 thousand people, and if the current increase in incidence continues, by the middle of the month the number of patients may increase to 25 thousand people.

Nevertheless, according to experts, the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia is beginning to stabilize, in particular, there are no sharp jumps in the incidence rate, which may indicate that the epidemic may peak in 2 weeks, after which there will be a decline.

Today has already overtaken in absolute numbers, not to mention the relative.

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the author believes that he deftly formulated by allowing DOUBLE REVIEW - everyone will read what he considers to be correct. What an UNCLEANING!

Dumb, dumber. Well, right. It didn’t even reach the peak, reorganization takes a month or more, except for Tosho, the Chinese have only now begun to include asymptomatic forms in the statistics. I understand that the author does not understand figs in sanitary statistics, so do not write or at least ask

People, you turn on your brains a little. What is China's population ?. and Russia? This indicator is somehow more objective. in my opinion.

And because they have how many? and think weakly?

The scammers are sofa, but no one thought about the ratio of the number of infected and residents in general? So it turns out that we have more

Baby go to school .... and pull up the arithmetic))))

How can we compare the remainder of 82 thousand patients in China, in which the epidemic ended with ours, who have just received treatment? This is just data manipulation. The author intentionally creates excitement.

Neither in absolute nor in relative numbers has Russia overtaken China. In China, 1 per 17000 of the sick, in Russia - 1 per 31000 of the population. For comparison, in Italy, 1 out of 484 people fell ill.

Task: In Russia, 4700, in China 82000. Russia overtook China by 2 times. Question: when will this Media be brought to justice for a dumb lie.

Why do you compare the statistics of China, when their epidemic began to decline, with our country, where there is still clearly not a peak in incidence?

And how is 4731 twice as large as 82574 ??

I would plant people like the author for a long time. No need to sow panic, do something.

It will take a little time and Italy accuse Russia of spreading the coronavirus