Complex C-350


Russian C-350 "Vityaz" called the last line of defense

The last line of defense: what is capable of a complex C-350 Vityaz.

As follows from a recent report by the Russian Ministry of Defense, state tests of the Vityaz C-350 air defense system have been successfully completed. Already in 2019, the troops will receive the first such complexes.

Military Watch Magazine reports that there is only one analogue of the new Russian air defense system in the world. This is KM-SAM (Cheolmae-2), whose mass production was launched in South Korea in 2015 year. This foreign complex was developed jointly with the Russian concern Almaz-Antey.

C-350 "Vityaz" in the Russian armed forces will replace outdated C-300PS anti-aircraft missile systems. They were adopted in 1982 year.

Vityaz is a representative of a new generation of Russian air defense systems. His work takes place in close cooperation with systems that have a longer range: C-300B4, C-400 and C-500. These systems are supposed to be priority targets for the adversary. C-350 must provide protection for these costly systems. One such installation carries up to twelve missiles. This is two times more than the South Korean counterpart. This includes 9М96Е2 missiles with a range of up to 120 kilometers, 9М96Е capable of flying up to 40 kilometers, and 9М100 with a range of up to 15 kilometers. It is necessary to clarify that 9М96Е2 is capable of intercepting a target flying at speeds up to 4,8 kilometers per second.

As is clear from the above, C-350 allows for three-level protection for air defense systems that have a longer range. Due to this, the survivability of such systems is increased. A distinctive feature of Vityaz systems is a high level of mobility and fast (maximum - 5 minutes) their deployment. Such characteristics provide high intrinsic survivability of the complexes.

С-350 "Vityaz" can become popular on the world market. Algeria, Belarus, China and Egypt may be interested in such systems.