Airline Rusline


The plane of the airline "Rusline" made an emergency landing in Domodedovo

In the capital's Domodedovo airport, the airline's planeRusline"Landed without the chassis released.

The incident occurred on the eve of the day, and according to information received by, the passenger airplane Embraer 120 Made a flight from Ulyanovsk, and with direct preparation for landing, a technical problem was identified with the chassis of the aircraft, in view of which it was decided to crash into two main landing gear racks, with a further direct lowering of the front of the aircraft to the surface of the runway.

As a result of an emergency, none of the passengers on board the 28 aircraft were injured, but the aircraft itself suffered serious damage requiring repairs.

An investigation has been carried out on the fact of the incident, but official information on why the front landing gear has not been released has not been disclosed.