C-400 SAM


Serbia criticized Russian C-400, despite the desire to buy them

Russian C-400 was again criticized.

One of the most important Russian partners in the military-technical sphere criticized the Russian air defense and missile defense systems C-400, despite the intention to acquire these systems. This partner turned out to be Serbia, which quite recently made a statement about its strong interest in the Russian Triumphs.

The reason for criticism was the high cost of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, which makes the acquisition of even one division of these air defense / missile defense systems pointless.

“Of course, Serbia would like to purchase the S-400 air defense system, but the question here is whether we will have the funds for such a purchase, since the S-400 system is not cheap. What country would not like to have at its disposal such an advanced air defense system as the S-400? ”- said the Ambassador of Serbia in Moscow Miroslav Lazanski.

It should be clarified that earlier in Serbia they did not exclude that they were ready to adopt the Russian S-400 systems, however, provided that Moscow would transfer them to Belgrade free of charge, which, obviously, indicates the fact that the issue of acquiring Russian air defense systems / Missile defense does not go yet.

And let them provide us with a military base free of charge * and we with 400

Criticize until you turn blue, but they will not reduce the price, but rather, buy Patriot super air defense and cheaper C-400.

The answer lies in a plane that does not lend itself to moral assessments in the philistine sense, but is simple and even obvious from the point of view of politics ... But "Russian stupidity" is out of the question, you can take a word.

George agrees with you on everything 100% just such power somewhere for some reason from someone else, but either steal or steal, or no matter how but grab a piece in your pocket. So they distribute everything as if for free

I agree with you, everything is correct, tired of appeasing everyone, but for nothing contain traitors.

Everything is right! I fully support.

That's right. But your vision must be extended to the whole globe. Enough with the Russians to tear 7 skins to feed Africa (and others) and once again save Europe.

You are Russian? If so, what questions. Initially laid: faith, desire to help, and naivety (stupidity).

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