Turkish fighter jets bombed the suburb of Manbij

Turkish combat aviation bombed the positions of the Syrian army and the Kurds in the south of Manbij.

The strike was carried out by at least one Turkish fighter jet flying outside Syrian airspace. As a result of the strike, the targets of the Kurdish groups were hit, and the air defense area, which, according to the source, belongs to the Syrian army, was destroyed.

These are the first Turkish airstrikes on Syrian territory in the past few days. At the same time, Ankara openly demonstrated its unwillingness to listen to the opinion of Russia. This indicates that there are no negotiations between Turkey and Russia on conducting a military operation on the territory of the SAR, and the risk of an invasion by the Turkish army remains very high.

As a result of the strikes, several members of the Kurdish armed groups were destroyed, as well as an air defense area, allegedly belonging to the Syrian army. What kind of air defense means in question is unknown. However, the targeted defeat of Syrian air defense areas indicates the fact that Turkey plans to use its aircraft in the airspace of the Arab Republic.


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