Fighter F-35


More than 35 defects remained in the F-870 fighter - more than 200 remained

Lockheed Martin Corp. has fixed over 870 defects and malfunctions in F-35 fighters.

The American corporation "Lockheed Martin" was able to eliminate three-quarters of the defects in the design of the American fifth-generation fighter F-35. Identified during the testing of these combat aircraft, however, there are still more than two hundred problems that may affect the further combat use of these military aircraft.

The design of the fifth generation American combat aircraft, as well as the control and life support systems, had many defects, while experts draw attention to the fact that some defects may well be hidden, since the aircraft of this model were never used in aerial combat.

“If such defects appeared only during ordinary scheduled flights, then it is logical to assume that in air combat, when the aircraft and its systems are exposed to very serious, in fact, critical loads, it may have other shortcomings. It is for this reason that F-35 fighters call into question reliability and efficiency.", - emphasizes the specialist

It should be noted that the United States stopped production of F-35 fighters for an unnamed period, without explaining the reason.