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Great Britain threatens Russia with Cold War methods

Great Britain threatened Russia with a transition to the Cold War.

The head of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain made a statement in which he began to directly threaten Russia with the use of Cold War methods. According to him, the UK will be forced to use civilian airfields to deploy combat aircraft. And, obviously, we are talking not only about ensuring the protection of the borders of the kingdom, but also about using civilian airfields for the likely delivery of strikes.

"The Royal Air Force will resume exercises during the Cold War amid the threat posed by Russian cruise missiles," the head of the Air Force said. Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said he wants the RAF to re-learn skills that have not been practiced in 30 years and that a series of unannounced exercises will be conducted to move combat aircraft to civilian airfields under the name Exercise Agile Stance. During the exercise, fighters will be ordered to disperse, that is, they will leave their bases to land at civilian airfields or even on highways. According to Wigston, if combat aircraft are scattered throughout the country, it will be very difficult for the enemy to strike. ", - reports the British edition "Telegraph".

Nevertheless, in the event of real aggression from London, Russia has enough missile weapons to destroy half of the British Air Force's military air bases in just a few minutes, and modern radar systems can detect the movement of military aircraft at ranges of several thousand kilometers. In the event of a concentration of significant forces on civilian airfields, strikes will also be delivered against them.

- MAI - the first pilotless pilots in Irkutsk 1960th year in my memory -

England is a STRENGTH, even more so the USA, eh .....?



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